st helena

Regular bloggers will know of my long standing interest in Tristan Da Cunha – a dependency of St.Helena itself ruled by an English governor and retired ex-sussex police chiefs. A brave report by the LUCY FAITHFULL foundation – suppressed by the government – reveals the horror of what these colonial chiefs have presided over – including the provision of young girls to he American airbase on Ascension island, widespread domestic violence and rape, and other footnotes like this:

‘It also called for urgent improvements to residential facilities for children and adults with disabilities to ‘avoid a public scandal’.

Charity workers were shown a ‘home made padded cell’ for children who became upset or ‘difficult’, which had only just been taken out of use, at the insistence of a new social services manager.

The buildings where children with physical and learning difficulties were housed were ‘terribly run down and extremely depressing’, while staff were forced to use their own wages to buy enough food for residents.

One unit was used as a ‘dumping ground of sorts’, where residents included a distressed sixteen-year-old being bottle-fed and a woman in her sixties ‘in the final stages of multiple sclerosis’.

So what have the governor and police chiefs been doing all these years – apart from enjoying the well paid sinecures?……………WELL?…………notice nothing among a population of only 3,8OO??


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