I ran this story two years ago

This is the classic example of how the establishment contains harmful information within its ranks and passes off anything else as gossip – just like the Savile case. George Thomas was a Cardiff Labour MP for years then became Speaker of the House of Commons 1976-83. He was also a Methodist min ister and preacher and deeply religious. But he wasn’t. He was all hokum. He would visit cinemas in London looking for boys to have sex with. He would pay young men to give him blow jobs in train toilets between Cardiff and london. He was frequently blackmailed by these same men. Leo Abse a fellow Welsh labour MP gave Thomas £800 to pay off one such blackmailer. It was Abse who revealed – long after thomas’ death – that Thomas was indeed a continual blackmail victim in his autobiography. Abse was widely condemned for revealing the information. You see everybody in the political class knew that the religios preacher was a fraud but allowed the punters to go on buying it. The story could not leak out to the punters – not till after death anyway. Knowledge is power – gossip is subversive. Yes they knew the Speaker – the highest office in the land outside royalty – was a vile balony who could be heard shouting Order Order in the back row of the Curzon cinema more often than the Commons. think Boothby, Mountbatten…………..think Saville………..



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  1. Look out, Blairs about

    Margarer Thatcher presenting a bible (sic) to George Thomas, March 1984…

    “In this company
    today I hope you
    can feel both the
    great personal
    affection we have
    for you and our
    gratitude for the
    distinction and
    authority you
    brought to the
    office of Mr
    Speaker during
    your seven years.

    So much that we
    honour in our
    country depends
    on the character
    of our people and
    on its Institutions.
    Our Institutions
    would not last if
    the character
    were to fail.

    As I am sure you
    would say
    “God moves
    in a
    way His
    wonders to
    and in British
    history he has
    especially moved

    He saw that you
    were available to
    us—after 31 years
    of Parliamentary
    service just when
    we needed you
    and our
    needed their
    renewed and
    their dignity

    Hilarious! What a fawning repulsive grovelling piece of work he was! On his hands and knees to power,any power, kiss any (English) arse that flatters, always invoking his “Mam” like an out-take from “Psyscho”, and detested and sneered at throughout so much of Wales. Even by those who publicly mumbled, “Thomas, Great man”. Truly Rancid.

  2. Cyril Disorder

    Seen these? Bill Maloney of Pie’n’Mash Films speaks to Chris Fay of NAYPIC about Elm Guest House. The second one is a follow up talking about Leon Brittan..

  3. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I found these allegations against George Thomas, alias Viscount Tonypandy on another anarchist website a little while ago, but didn’t reblog that article because the accompanying pic was literally too disgusting, though it did not feature paedophilia, thank heaven. This is an indication that the paedophile ring didn’t just include Tories, but also figures from all sides of the House. This doesn’t make any difference. Evil is evil, and no-one guilty of such crimes should ever escape punishment.

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