For those who don’t know GEORGE THOMAS became VISCOUNT TONYPANDY after retiring as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. His abuse of young boys was widely known at the time – one Labour MP LEO ABSE paid off his blackmailers, Thomas was a vile unctuous Methodist quack who harped on about religion and oversaw the Investiture of Prince Charles at Caernarvon in 1969. This eulogy by Thatcher was delivered on behalf of the NATIONAL CHILDRENS HOME. wAS THERE EVER A MORE VILE hypocritical speech delivered?


From a speech by Margaret Thatcher at National Children’s Home (George Thomas Society Lecture) in January 1990 at the Cafe Royal:- ‘It is a great privilege to be invited to deliver the inaugural lecture of a society founded by the National Children’s Home, especially one concerned with tackling child abuse but when that society bears the name of George Thomas, it is also for me a great pleasure and a very great honour.
George Thomas is admired and loved throughout this country. As Mr. Speaker, his voice became known in every home. His life has been dedicated to the service of people and especially, through the National Children’s Home, to children. He has never ceased to proclaim the importance of Christian values in family life and there have been times when that has taken quite some courage.
George has always believed that children must come first because children are our most sacred trust. They also hold the key to our future in a very practical sense. It will be their ideas and their resourcefulness which will help solve such problems as disease, famine and the threats to the environment and it is their ideas and their values which will shape the future character and culture of our nation. We need to do all we can to ensure that children enjoy their childhood against a background of secure and loving family life. That way, they can develop their full potential, grow up into responsible adults and become, in their turn, good parents


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