You went to Cambridge
On the Cam you did punt

………..its no good just cant finish it off…………


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  1. Abdul Aziz

    UKIP awaits you Nick..

  2. Dora Kaplan

    You went to Cambridge
    On the Cam you did punt
    You were fatter than Hitler
    But as much of a…… of Bavarian sausages?

  3. Nick has sadly promoted himself to president. He’s still there!

  4. Harry

    Like his predecessor John Tyndall, Griffin was far from being the most dangerous man on the fascist right. Still a nasty piece of works though who has begun to let his real opinions have a more public hearing with the end of the BNP’s popular appeal. His ineffectual leadership with be sadly missed! Makes you wonder what the next step of the BNP might be… A return to marches through areas populated by black and Asian people?

  5. Goonzo

    So, is that long piece on his website about how his BNP second in command was an undercover cop true ?

    • Tough Love

      I always suspected, and still do, that it was Griffin who was the undercover cop – he’s got the right background.

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