Police chief thinks locals incapable of organising……….otherwise they’d be in the police force……….

Apparently these ‘anarchists’ have been joined by ‘organised nihilists’ as the police chief becomes increasingly bonkers in attempts to portray outsiders with guns flooding down the state highways to loot and riot. But there are anarchists there and so there should be……THERE ARE NO OUTSIDERS IN THE WORKING CLASS

‘Some, like a young white Californian who gave his name only as Sam, are drifters with no clear-cut agenda. “I’m an anarchist and I was in the region so I decided to come. What’s happening here is inspirational, people are resisting,” said Sam, who has slept out some nights.

Despite the suspicion over provocateurs many residents continued to express gratitude for their guests, invited or otherwise. “Strength in numbers”, said Gino Addison, 36, whose porch overlooks the site where Brown was killed. “We can’t make this much noise without all this support. We appreciate all this love.”

St.Louis anarchists speak: https://archive.org/details/RevoltInFerguson


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  1. Elsie

    ‘Outsiders’ yup theyre violent, intent on trouble, the National Guard.
    They want the trouble to calm down ? Try arresting the cop that shot the unarmed kid 6 times.

  2. Keith

    It was stated on the tv that only 5 cops in Fergusson are African American & very few in the governing clique. Yet, while they are not roughing up Al Jazeera & Huffington Post journos, they are presenting multiple black faces to the press. Are African American officials available for rent?

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