On arrival yesterday two uniformed police approached me, said they had been reading this blog and that it was illegal to encourage people to block the rich doors. They had been waiting inside the rich reception area and were joined by two others. No doubt Redrow have been putting pressure for action.
So I would like to make it clear to them as they read this. We are exercising our right to demonstrate and we expect the police to support this rather than act as security guards for Redrow. I am not encouraging people to block the doors merely to talk to those entering and give them a leaflet about what we are protesting about. That will remain our intent in future weeks. If some residents wish to crawl under our banner nowhere near the entrance then that is their decision…indeed their right.
I have no doubt we are going to see increased policing next week….the assets at risk for Redrow are huge. Don’t forget George Osborne spoke at No.1 Commercial Street last year saying how pivotal it was in the government’s economic plans.
So comrades we could do with your support next week.



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  1. jcb76

    Reblogged this on Trade Onion by Jon Bigger and commented:
    We stand together against the state and capitalism. Stand with us every Wednesday.

  2. Cops, (excuse the Americanism) have two distinct capacities;

    One capacity is that of a Police Constable who stands on a Common law oath, and whose job it is, is to protect the Public and prevent crime.

    The other capacity is that of a Police Officer who stands on a corporate agenda, and whose job it is, is to protect the corporations and raise funds.

    Not many people are aware of this, some Police Officer’s themselves do not realise that there is a clear distinction between an ‘Officer’ and a ‘Constable’.

    Many people now consider Police Officers to be pre-programmed robots, devoid of common sense.

    If a ‘Constable’ describes himself/herself as a ‘Police Officer’ then he/she is conducting corporate business, and is acting within commerce.

    Just sayin

    • Tom Ferrour

      This is bullshit Dwayne, as if “crime”; breaking laws designed to protect the rich; were distinguishable from opposing corporations. These political theories that do not model reality are promoted to confuse us. Promoted by groups like The Freemen on the Land.

      • Tom, i am just an old Crass fan around the same age as Ian. I remember Ian’s antics from back in the day. I was a bit surprised that he was still active. I have recently had a look at the Freeman of the Land nonsense you have referred to and i’m afraid that that Canadian inspired shit is not for me. However, whilst looking at the Freeman stuff, i cant see any info on Police Capacities however, as my comment seems to have upset you, i will ask Ian to remove it…..

        Ian, will you remove my comment?

    • get a proper dictionary

      Freeman of the land bullshit based on false etymology, like all their stuff is. How people get taken in by this bogus freeman of the land bollocks is beyond me.
      In the age of the internet there really is no excuse not to know the genuine meanings of words. Funny how these freemen aren’t so free that they can’t manage to check out the crap they’re told for themselves. A dictionary is all you need.

  3. ill try to get down next week.

  4. Ashe

    I thought you were trying to hold the doors OPEN so anyone and everyone can go in!

  5. Duncan

    “we expect the police to support this rather than act as security guards for Redrow”

    I reckon you’re going to be disappointed then Ian.

  6. Nick Heath

    Having an op on Monday under general anaesthetic so unlikely that I will be there cos apparently need 4 weeks to recuperate. Would have been otherwise and I will encourage others to attend

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