Published at the end of October, edIted by a couple of academics, a trifle pricey at £75!!!

Still a couple of chapter headings might be worth a look:

Introduction: The far left in Britain from 1956 – Evan Smith and Matthew Worley
PART I: Movements
1. Engaging with Trotsky: the influence of Trotskyism in Britain – John Callaghan
2. The New Left: beyond Stalinism and social democracy? – Paul Blackledge
3. Narratives of radical lives: the roots of 1960s activism and the making of the British left – Celia Hughes
4. Marching separately, seldom together: the political history of two principal trends in British Trotskyism, 1945–2009 – Phil Burton-Cartledge
5. Opposition in slow motion: the CPGB’s ‘anti-revisionists’ in the 1960s and 1970s 98 – Lawrence Parker
6. Dissent from dissent: the ‘Smith/Party’ Group in the 1970s CPGB – Andrew Pearmain
7. British anarchism in the era of Thatcherism – Rich Cross
PART II: Issues
8. Jam tomorrow? Socialist women and Women’s Liberation, 1968–82: an oral history approach – Sue Bruley
9. Something new under the sun: the revolutionary left and gay politics – Graham Willett
10. ‘Vicarious pleasure’? The British far left and the third world, 1956–79 – Ian Birchall
11. Anti-racism and the socialist left, 1968–79 – Satnam Virdee
12. Red Action – left-wing pariah: some observations regarding ideological apostasy and the discourse of proletarian resistance – Mark Hayes
13. Anti-fascism in Britain, 1997–2012 – David Renton



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  1. thebristolblogger

    Not much there after the 1980s. Has the far left disappeared?

  2. dear god what has anyone done to deserve this? precisely what is wrong with the ‘Left’ today, endless sociological theorising about minute sects that achieved little more than liberating subscriptions from their followers (Red Action aside), flogging papers and co-operating with the state. I think it was George Orwell who said: ‘The worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents’

  3. Thanks for mentioning our book – yes, the price tag is very high, but if enough institutional libraries buy copies, then an affordable paperback should be out next year. Here is the link to the book on the MUP website: http://www.manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/cgi-bin/indexer?product=9780719095900

    And some people might be interested in this talk I gave on putting the book together:

    • b

      If anyone is interested in this (personally I agree with skank77 and Dora, but I suppose if a copy were in front of me I might check to see whether anything’s said about that Maoist slavery case in Brixton), what needs to happen is for someone who has got an electronic copy to put it online, e.g. at Scribd, and then post the URL here. Same goes for any other book that’s not available online.

      So if you’re reading this and

      * you work at the publishers
      * you’re one of the editors and you’re having occasional thoughts of jacking in the whole academic game and adopting the idea that mutual aid is more than encouraging university libraries to buy the hardback so there’ll be a paperback edition next year (very unlikely) – and that “sharing” doesn’t mean Faceshit
      * you know someone who might know someone who works at the publishers, or
      * you’ve got a flash drive in your pocket and you’ve got access to a computer you think the document will be on,

      get cracking.

    • b

      I’ve just noticed you say “our book”. Post the manuscript online somewhere, you mean sod. Scribd will do fine. No need to do it under your own name if you’re worried Manchester University Press might sue you. Post it, and then lie to them if they ask whether it was you. Then come here under a different name and tell us the URL.

  4. ff

    £75 quid is laughable

    The ‘affordable’ paperback will be a tenner

    Can someone take high res scans of the good bits or type it out by hand so use proles can read it


  5. Dora Kaplan

    I haven’t read ‘Enjoying Cheese and Grain – English Trots and pointless Academic Politics since 1956,’ but when I read the following words I reach for my service pistol. I bet the pompous tome is full of them:

    post-, hyper-, pre-, de-, dis-, re-, ex- , neo-, etc

    You would have to be commited to ‘an ambivalent recurrentiality of antisociality/seductivity, one enunciated in a de/gendered-Baudrillardian discourse of granulated subjectivity’ Page 21, to take it serously.

  6. jqmark

    this academic book publishing thing is evil, how can knowledge be charged at such a high rate. i wouldnt buy one, plenty of books aimed at general market that i could read first.

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