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  1. Dora Kaplan

    Maybe old Orville Jones can work it out, ‘redwash’ Rotherham, and repackage the entire sack of corrupt Labour shite in the council as ‘social democrats’ and ‘municipal socialists?’
    He’s managed harder jobs for Miliband, and who knows, there might be a new book in it.

  2. Anonymous

    The timing of the release of the news story regarding Rotherham child rape has to be questioned, along with 60 police raiding Cliff Richards house a couple of weeks ago regarding an alleged assault from 20 years previously. Why ? Because Theresa May said 7 weeks ago that a replacement for Butler-Sloss would be found in days. Bearing in mind corporate media is, by all intents and purposes part of the State, the drip drip of Operation Yewtree, along with Asian child rape gangs, continue to distract and push further under the carpet, the barely touched upon ‘establishment’ rape and abuse of children

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