In an extraordinary speech to the Labour conference Miliband called for the return of the birch and flogging and the return of bear baiting and withdrawal of the vote for women. Led away by wife Justine who he repeatedly tried to kiss. Miliband said later the words LABOR LEADER had been erased from his notes and he thought he was with UKIP in Doncaster.


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  1. Perry Hobsbawn

    BBC Breaking…

    “Parliament to be re-called on Friday to discuss Ed Miliband’s abject failure to remember that Ed Balls is the Leader of the Labour Party. “This cannot be allowed to pass”, said a spokesperson for the Office of Tony Blair, “there must be blanket bombing of Primrose Hill and British boots on the ground in Camden by Christmas.” David Miliband added, “My brother was always prone to these wicked flights of fancy. When he was six he thought he was Trotsky and tried to storm Dad’s shed with all his lefty friends. Waterboarding is too fucking good for him.”

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