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  1. Harry

    Martin Wright is spot on again although I’m slightly dumbfounded that he has actually agreed with George Galloway about something! But Wright goes on ahead of Galloway (presumably Galloway is some sort of Muslim as he has been married to several Muslim women) in identifying that the problem lies in the nature of Islam itself and of its Prophet. This is controversial and most people prefer to sweep it under the carpet in the interests of getting along with others and community cohesion. It’s not hard to find criticism on Islam- see Father Zacharia TV channel in Canada. However, as a socialist I am concerned with the material world. I have no interest in attacking any religion if it is peaceful. In that I have a different opinion to Wright but otherwise I think his analysis it excellent. Keep it coming Martin. You’re one brave man!!

  2. Ned

    The ‘left’ (including many anarchists) has given Islam an easy ride. While MW’s video is a blunt instrument, that sort of bluntness is sorely needed. If there’s something in the nature of a religion that leads to misogyny, rape, murder and bodily mutilation it should damn well be exposed as anti-human and anti-liberatory. I have respect for seekers after spiritual insight as long as it harms no one, but salafism, takfirism, wahhabism (different names for the same patriarchal, judgmental oppression) need to be confronted. They say we’re kufrs, I say they’re fukrs.

  3. b

    This is a great talk (not sure whether you’re reading this, Martin, but I hope so), from ‘death cult’ as the big picture right down to details such as some British Muslim ultras not really speaking Arabic at all other than a few prayer words and ‘salaam’.

    But there’s one really big point that’s missing here. Which is this: THE USEFULNESS OF DEPICTION OF ISLAMIC BARBARISM TO THE WEST. I don’t mean US and UK military support in the Middle East for whoever their favourite Youtube-using head-choppers and liver-eaters are this week. I mean the use of BARBARIC, EXTREME SHOCK REALITY PICTURES AND ESPECIALLY VIDEO to bolster the population’s support for the ‘NORMAL’ WESTERN WAY OF LIFE which is itself becoming EVER MORE BARBARIC.

    I am not saying everything is the same as everything else, as in ‘neither the gentlemen’s clubs of St James’s nor the liver-eaters of Syria, but worldwide revolution’. I am not taking some idiotic ultra-leftist line. I much prefer living in Britain than in ISIS. But just look at how things like decapitation – real videos of real decapitations – are being promoted in the western media. It’s all done in a schizoid way, of course – ever more schizoid. Few say they enjoy watching this obscene shit, but I think people – especially young men – are encouraged to experience a frisson and discouraged from saying no I fucking well don’t want to watch anyone getting killed. Barriers are being crossed here. The same barriers that were crossed in certain demographics under the Nazis. On a lower scale, look at the front page of Yahoo which routinely encourages people to watch videos of ‘baby nearly falls under train’ etc. And in pop culture, we’ve got the disgusting trio of ‘Game of Thrones’ (aimed at youth, especially male youth), ‘Fifty Shades’ (aimed at 20-something and 30-something women), and ‘Blurred Lines’ (aimed at men) – and of course ever more violent computer games, whether the wrapper is US or Far Eastern. What fucking western serial killer hasn’t been into either World of Warcraft or Game of Thrones? Not one recent one that I’m aware of. Not Elliot Rodger, not Anders Breivik. Meanwhile the queen helps HBO promote ‘Game of Thrones’ on its set in Belfast.

    We can’t for goodness sake kid ourselves that the media are just reporting what’s going on. The WEST is changing, big time. These are the sort of big cultural changes that Ephraim Halevy called for after the 7/7 bombings.


    ALL religions are Death Cults- they exterminate reason and elevate superstition, ‘faith’ and wilful ignorance. The Left and Anarchists have fallen into a deep trap of ultra-liberal thinking by accepting ‘mainstream Islam’ (whatever that is) yet simultaneously bemoaning the likes of the Pope and the Queen. ‘Islamophobia’=bad, Atheism=good (with exceptions apparently). Islam isn’t a race, it’s merely another oppressive set of shit ideas and ideological constructs. ISIS crucifies Christians and exterminates Shia, but I don’t hear anyone bleating about ‘Christianphobia’ or ‘Shiaphobia’ in the Middle East. A pox on all religion, its purveyors and defenders. of all stripes…

    Still, handy for the US to divide and conquer, depose Assad and push that pipeline through from Qatar to deny the Russians a fat chunk of the European energy market…

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