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  1. Keith

    AB members never self-defined as “anarchists” – Ian , you might have a better idea than me, because of the garden interview, but I always thought they held a mixed bag of post-Leninist & situationist-tinged views current in the then alternative scene. Coupled with this was a genuine anger at the corporate state & a tinge of middle class guilt. The review bangs on about anarchism so much, it gives the impression that the playwrite wasn’t using “anarchist” as a broad brush, but actually felt that the AB were anarchist.

    • b

      Sounds like a fucking awful play written by a lazy bastard who’s never read a proper source about the Angry Brigade or met anyone who was involved or who knew anyone who was and still has a memory and some critical sense.

      The reviewer talks about “the police investigation taking an extensive detour into the nature of anarchism”. Goodness. If he watched it, I wonder whether he heard anything about Spain or Stirner. But don’t fear: the reviewer thinks “the play itself is incredibly well-acted”.

  2. y

    It must be supremely annoying for the surviving participants in the AB’s activities to have these stylised portrayals show up every couple of years. AB are to be commended for their bravery, and recognised for having moved on. I wonder how many so called @’s deserve the same?

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