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  1. buy my butter

    Lydon who was handpicked for Malcolm McLaren’s manufactured boyband and spoonfed song titles and subjects to sing about, so of course he never knew what anarchy was, he just parroted what he heard Malcolm and Jamie Reid talking about everyday.
    The signs were always there, cos the first thing he did in 1977 when McLaren finally gave him a few quid was buy a property in Chelsea’s Gunter Grove; he’s been buying properties ever since. No surprise that now he’s saying that if you follow Russell Brand’s call for revolution you will end up homeless. Twat.

    • Harry

      Obviously John Lydon is not some towering intellectual capable of developing a new line on anarchism or anything else. His autobiography, for instance, was co-written. But that doesn’t mean he or indeed the rest of us mere mortals shouldn’t have a voice. He’s always been on the right side of the fence as far as I’m concerned. People are very wrong if they think that not voting will help the lives of working people.
      Apparently Lydon was one of the first to try alert the public about Jimmy Savile way back in the 1970s. Yes, he’s a working class lad whose bought some nice houses but so what? Did we expect him to stay living in poverty?

      • anon

        I read his book, in it he contradicts himself on almost everything he says, usually more than once and usually in the same paragraph.
        In the first chapter he declares himself a lifelong anti-establishment rebel who has never voted and all politicians are liars. Yet now, while promoting the book, he comes out in support of the establishment way of doing things and how it is our duty to vote.
        Anger may be an energy but hypocrisy is a lifelong trait.

  2. used to live in the East End


    We can also go back to the 1930s. Mosley’s fascists got only a pathetic amount of support in the East End. The CP was much stronger. At Cable Street in 1936 the fascists didn’t stand a chance. The main issue on which the fascists got any support whatsoever from any working class people whatsoever was housing – and in particular, in the East End, in relation to Jewish slumlords. Problems for the fascists included the fact that many many Jewish working class people were shat-upon tenants just like non-Jews – including being shat upon by Jewish and non-Jewish slumlords; and in addition to that, the CP and indeed also the anarchists were involved in housing struggles. Say what you like about Albert Meltzer, but he understood all this. So did the whole of the rest of the working class left. If the left had been so stupid as to view housing as a dirty issue because the fascists went on about it the fascists would have found much more fertile terrain. Fortunately such an idiotic position didn’t occur to anyone on the left as far as I know.

    Now compare that with immigration now.

    Let’s get onto the issue of immigration – fast

    It’s poncy and middle-class to say “oh look, dirty smelly white trash are going on about immigration – ugh.”

  3. Harry

    We are entering quite a frightening period in British politics. I agree that the rise of UKIP and xenophobia has been aided by the real destruction of living standards and any expectations that things will improve. Even Mr Micawber would despair these days!
    There is an enormous amount of hypocrisy in UKIP’s stance for there must be hundreds of thousands of Brits working abroad on good employment contracts. But it’s going to be a hard fight to combat the UKIP/ Daily Mail mentality that has set in even when facts speak otherwise. Mass migration across Europe was only going to be avoided if a plumber in Rome, for example, was more or less on the same rate of pay etc as a plumber in London. But Europe is very different to this.


    Lydon is probably still aching and deeply deeply upset cos his heart-throb THATCHER did a universal favour and croaked. Poor ROTTEN old LYDON.
    Dammit where’s my hankie there’s no toilet paper


    Lydon is an historical anachronism and an irony- Without Punk there probably wouldn’t have been a resurgence of UK Anarchism…He hates the Royals and the class system…But then he married the heiress to a German publishing millionaire and whines about how he got fucked over by the music biz then ended up loving Maggot Scratcher and flogging butter to the masses . Do we really care any more?

    UKIP are nothing but the extreme wing of the Tory Party and racist ‘golfclub’ politics, they’re being massively hyped by the media (The Green Party has virtually the same amount of councillors, or so I heard). The Poles have almost all gone home and the Bulgarians and Romanians never fucking came did they? After the ‘I agree with Nick’ bollocks from Labour, then the LibDems joining the Tories, it’s self-evident to anyone with half a brain that all the parties are one and the same, bar tinkering around the edges of policy. UKIP is just a novel strategy to make Parliamentary politics somehow relevent to ordinary people, when we all know it’s a crock of shit. That and the joke we call ‘Trade Unionism’.

    They need racism and war and Putin and ebola to divert attention from the long overdue and massive collapse of the insolvent banking system and an even more dramatic fall in living standards…Which, when it comes, will mean all political bets will be off.

  6. Grant

    I think Martin Wright has gone over the top on John Lydon here. Saying he looks like a ‘retarded cockatoo’ is out of line. I can remember back in the early 80’s when mohawked punks were getting insulted. Square, intolerant knobheads would say ‘you look like a fucking cockatoo’. Obviously Martin’s rehashing this tired insult. He also can’t pronounce his name and keeps calling him Linden. Very annoying. It’s well known that John Lydon is not an anarchist. In the film “The Filth and the Fury”, from 2000, Lydon says he wrote the line “I am an anarchist” in Anarchy In The UK because it rhymed with the first line of the song “I am an antichrist”. It’s more about feeling pissed off than anything else. So Martin got upset over a non-anarchist telling people they should vote. But he also pulls the piss out of ‘court jester’ Russell Brand for telling people to not vote and seeking a revolution. Apparently the solution lies with Martin and “you” the working class, ‘on the streets’ etc etc. If only the working class could wake up and be the homogeneous mass that old socialists want them to be. It’s unclear what Martin wants, maybe something in between voting and not voting?

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