October 21, 2014 · 2:27 pm

2 responses to “WEEK 14 – THE LIVELIEST DEMO IN TOWN

  1. Greg

    Not even poor doors for these, lest we forget…


    people that Atos/DWP have murdered and driven to suicide

  2. jimn1

    I’ve been meaning to get along to the Poor Doors protests from the start. No excuses for being a latecomer, but I’ve been to the last three, although only the last 15 minutes of the one last Wednesday. It’s great to see that the momentum is being kept up, actually growing, it seems!. There’s a fantastic atmosphere there. Lots of noise, music, dancing and, of course, irreverent, rollicking class dissent and anger. Well fucking done, Class War. I strongly recommend that you all get down there, if at all possible. Soon! You don’t have to jig around to the salsa band like an embarrassing favourite uncle at a bad wedding like I do (or a bad uncle at a favourite embarrassing wedding). But please show your face, make lots of noise, vent some class frustration, keep the momentum up and have a fucking good laugh! Fuck their filthy apartheid housing policies. Believe you me, it’s just the tip of their iceberg of class hatred and fear.

    (Ps. I’m travelling so can’t make it for the next three weeks, but I’ll br back.)

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