‘King Mob: A critical hidden history’ by David Wise

Picked this up in Housmans yesterday and a very entertaining read it is. Dave Wise has a lot to get off his chest about the appropriators and recuperators of King Mob and does it in a surprisingly gossipy and vulnerable way.
the book starts with a paean of lost love to a woman from Grimsby which assures you this is going to be the real thing not some cobbled together job. ‘The intensity I felt towards her convulsively increased’. Indeed its such moments that prove far more interesting than the famous incidents such as the Selfridges xmas give-away. Though the story of the pantomime horse in the Powis Square riot is worth the £6.99 alone.
The first lines from Dave Wise read …’Always, always on my mind in some kind of way, a push was needed to get it kick started’ Same here mate. It’s a shame our paths never crossed because the Wise brothers were two proletarians in the midst of a sea of public schoolboys.. .and remain a couple of jobbing builders from the North east. I said some ignorant things on my blog about them a couple of years back and much regret that now.
Cheers Dave.


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  1. b

    I’d have thought you’d read it beforehand, Ian. It’s been on their website (Revolt Against Plenty) for years. It is indeed a very worthwhile read – the real thing.

    On the gossip: do you know whether all four of the British members of the Situationist International in 1968 went to Oxbridge?

  2. b

    As for Selfridges, Malcolm Maclaren’s mother was the lover of the crook that owned it, Charles Clore.

  3. Rob

    Good to hear you’ve sorted things out on this. I remember such a lot of nonsense coming from CW about the Situ’s. Rob (‘there is nothing quite as cheap as wealth these days’)

    • Sean

      Was that graffiti coming into Paddington theirs? That was my first ever exposure to anarchist ideas coming in from Reading on the train when I was a teenager

  4. Tricia

    the first pages of the book were written by Stuart wise not David,if not he has a lot of explaining to do as I have been his Partner for the last 25 years.

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