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  1. communist headache pills

    Don’t disagree with what he says really, but “And perhaps we can learn something from you in terms of the way we present ourselves” ? What, by
    dressing up like some anarcho version of the mummy and mumbling to the camera ! Personally I think Russel is a decent chap and welcome round my place anytime for a plate of wet spam sandwiches.

  2. Greg

    That bloke dressed like the beheaders is a sure way to discredit any libertarian ideas. Why is he dressed like that ? Can understand it if hes on an ALF mission or rucking with the bill, but trying to put a point of view across ? Yeah very persuasive.What a great way to isolate and discredit anything relevant said. Anyone he knows or the secret service could identify him anyway. Probably another Daily Mail reporter.

  3. Rookie

    What the actual fuck?
    Russell Brand, love him or hate him, is far more appealing than this fancy dress person who wouldn’t look out of place in an ISIS video.
    Russell Brand’s popular appeal must be scaring more than just the Oxbridge elite it seems. Scared that Brand is taking all the limelight maybe? not that this fancy dress guy ever had any limelight to begin with.

    Brand has never said HE is the solution or that he is leading a revolution. It’s just a title of a book. The important thing is the ideas he is putting out there, that’s all he is doing, putting ideas out there and reaching far more people than people like this fancy dress guy have ever reached. Bitch about him if you must, the fact is that you’re doing the exact same thing that the Oxbridge media are doing; slagging off the messenger while not even hearing the message, even if some of the message is apparently the same as yours! Work that one out, I can’t.
    What I can work out is that guys wearing fancy dress terrorist garb will never appeal to ANYONE.

  4. Dirty Squatter

    Well, I’m simultaneously impressed and amused by both Brand and the fancy dress guy. Both make interesting and valid points, but both of them are also rather ridiculous.

    Neither of them is very likely to inspire revolution but Brand is, or at least can be, very funny. Fancy dress guy acknowledges as much. And what Emma Goldman said about dancing must apply to laughing too…


    I concur with the general disapproval reflected in the above comments. I have serious doubts when a garbled diatribe like this Robin video is posted up. I could expand further but wont bother. He should be shown THE DOOR!

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