Russell Brand sets his solicitors on Suzanne Moore

Brand demanded she withdraw a line in her column on his book describing it as..

‘ghost written sub Chomskyian woo’

She has now done this. Ironic in that SM has been supportive of RB apart from having a go at his blatant sexism and sense of entitlement in a recent Vanity Fair. (ffi see RB and Lindsay Lohan on J Ross show)
So the sensitive to other peoples feelings one has invoked his solicitors and the law to stifle mild dissent as to his greatness – just wait
till he’s fucking mayor of London.



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  1. Rookie

    Erm, this mayor of London thing you keep banging on about? you seem to be the only person on the planet that missed the bit where he has never stated such a thing. Keep doing the Oxbridge media’s job though, sterling effort.

  2. Maria Spiridonova

    He has indeed stated on his youtube channel that he has never had any intention of standing for mayor. His attitude towards women is suspect though, which is a shame because he is talking about anarchism and class struggle daily on his youtube channel to a large number of people, many of whom probably don’t know what anarchism is.

  3. Maria Spiridonova

    I mean, I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a good thing he’s talking about anarchism to lots of people but he has not dealt specifically with feminism. He did however stick up for the E15 mums and talked alot about them on his channel, filming his visit to them, he has stuck up for people’s rights including women but has stopped short of going into feminism. Sharing as platform with john reese and owen jones ain’t good either and really pissed me off actually.

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Bone Suzanne here. I agreed this correction so now in the column it says “sub-Chomskyian woo ” and the end “””This article was amended on 31 October 2014. An earlier version said ‘A lot of what he says is ghostwritten sub-Chomskyian woo’. This has been corrected.” HA!
    At no point do I refer to anything he wrote or name any book so you know? I only not that Ben Thompson who did not write Brand’s first book is mentioned in the solicitors letter which is oddy-wod?

  5. Harry

    The Guardian recently ran an article suggesting that he might run for mayor as well- maybe they picked up the notion here! Big names will usually let you down. His idea about revolution seems to be more about lifestyle rather than working people taking control of their own world. But… I love his sense of humour and it’s easy to knock someone who will be cynically attacked by the established if he ever gets remotely near to kicking off his revolution. Alternatively, there will be lots of back slapping and smiles all round.

  6. silverbell23

    ‘Slut shamed’ a woman on a radio 2 show.

    Spat on a naked woman he had just had sex with (booky wool).

    Bragged about financially abusing a girlfriend (books wook).

    Blog comments (including in this one) about him refusing to resume filming on set until a young member if staff showed him her breasts. Comments report that his coercion worked and after initially saying no, she was pressurised into compliance.

    He talks on the Trews about him finding a pensioner woman working as a prostitute a moral dilemma because he does not find her sexually attractive.

    His sexual objectification of women in the papers he reviews on the Trews.

    Male privilege is not revolutionary it different bloke same shit. His self awareness trip has a massive blind spot. Time for a new shamen?

  7. Rookie

    He isn’t talking about anarchism. He has never mentioned the word anarchism. Some fancy dress wannabe terrorist here the other day decided to tell him off assuming he was an anarchist as well. Anyway anarchists don’t own the copyright to the word revolution.

    Enjoying sex with consenting partners is now sexism apparently. Someone should have told Emma Goldman, she apparently loved a good session between the sheets with consenting partners too…

    Funny how the middle class Trenton Oldfield and the middle class idiot who threw a fire extinguisher from a building never got half the abuse a working class comedian from Essex is getting from so called revolutionaries.
    Just saying.

    • Greg

      Quite apparent that a lot of disdain thrown at Brand from the right is out of faux disgust, and from the left is dressed up as political nit picking. But the reality is a mirror is held up to most peoples inhibitions, their years, decades even of fettered constraint, and out of sexual jealousy. Lolz

  8. jinko

    Anyone who fronts a show produced by a plagiariser and features bastards like Alastair Campbell one day and frauds like Mo Ansar the next should be taken seriously.

  9. Maria Spiridonova

    You are wrong. He has used the term anarcho-syndicalism to describe his beliefs and said he is against authority. He says society should be organised laterally and that people should run their own lives. Thats anarchism.
    As for him being from a working class backrground (he’s now a millionaire) – so what? Doesn’t give him a licence to be a sexist cock and bring chauvinism into our movement. Trenton Oldfield is a really bad example btw coz Oldfield actually did something. Brand is just talking.

  10. b

    The bosses of the west have sold irreverence to youth since around 1960 and don’t seem as though they’re going to stop any time soon.

  11. b

    As for invoked his solicitors, it’s not as if he isn’t a brand (geddit) under professional management. He’ll have minions looking through the press and better-paid minions deciding what needs doing something about and what should be done, in the best financial interests of the brand.

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