Here’s something I wrote 7 years ago……….

Thank you to all those who enquired about my mental health after my eulogy to space exploration. Well I wasn’t then – but I am now – depressed by your response. With a couple of honorable exceptions I can now report that anarchists are AGAINST space exploration. How fucking sad is that. I’m not talking Richard Branson/Steve Fossett trips in space for millionaires here – I’m talking exploration, curiousity, wonderment, optimism for the future here. Ursula Le Guin come back here at once.


I’m asked – ‘when did poor people go into space?’ Well YURI GAGARIN’S parents were firstly labourers on a collective farm then his father a carpenter and Gagarin himself was a metal worker in a foundry. Even NEIL ARMSTRONG’ s parents were humble office clerks who had to move repeatedly to stay in work. COLIN PILLINGER – the mutton chopped cheery orgainser of BEAGLE TWO- had a dad who was a gas fitter in Kingswood near Bristol.

On exploration – TENZING NORGAY was a Sherpa, Edmund Hilary a bee keeper who detested the rich, and arguably the first man to reach the North pole was MATTHEW HENSON – a black man, cabin boy, hat shop assistant and humble fucking clerk for the rest of his life.

When you’re an anarchist these days you buy ito a package of anti-scientific miserabilism – I bet you moon miseries also think VACCINATION is a cunning plot by the state to make us ill…………….bring back the good old days of the Pox eh?…… ..don’t even fucking go there.



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  1. Harry

    Another free spirit who nearly got into Space was Ted Edwards who escaped the despondency of life on the dole in 1980s Britain to walk solo across a stretch of the Sahara. The son of a mill worker and a former steel worker, he encountered all the snobbery of the upper classes in his life as a national service man and from the Times when he tried to get sponsorship. Great read- Beyond the Last Oasis

  2. Posadist united will never be defeated

    Yes comrades, let’s explore space and find those little red men! Forward to the Inter-Galaxical Committee of the Universal International!

  3. b

    I think your take is a bit one-sided. Sure, in a human society worthy of the name, why not put some resources into space exploration? Well fair enough. But the whole way scientists’ minds are shaped, the way the promotion system works, and the way access to resources is determined at all levels in science – it’s all determined by the needs of big business. Not many research scientists do much exploring worthy of the name. Maybe they attack a few puzzles (Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions – good book) to work out how to apply their handed-down paradigms, but that’s about it. If money is spent where it doesn’t actually make a profit, it’s not likely to be because someone with the power to distribute research money has decided ‘well fuck it, let’s have a proper explore of what’s going on’. It’s far more likely t be because the closed-mindedness has become counterproductive. Everyone able to form an opinion on string theory knows that it’s a load of bollocks, for example. It just doesn’t stand up. Dark matter isn’t there. Another point is that capitalism hasn’t actually put a huge amount of resources into space exploration – unless you count putting kit into terrestrial orbit.

  4. Robert John

    The advancement of science has never been the exclusivity of the upper classes. Great things have been achieved by all members of Society, but unfortunately where you are born and what School you go to is still a factor in what you achieve!

  5. Anonymous

    Sheldon Kopp once wrote “Anarchism won’t get us to Mars but it maybe the only way of saving the Earth”


    Read ‘Woman on the edge of time’ by Marge Piercy for the inter-play between Anarchism and the uses and abuses of science…

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