The dancing at the POOR DOORS was spontaneous…………suddenly groups of rain soaked protestors started….dancing in the street…..and its now seen as an effective weapon in discomforting the cops… an having a bloody good laugh! There is of course Emma Goldman’s famous ‘ if you cant dance to it…it aint my revolution’ and I’ve been pondering what a radical dance might look like and come up with the bleeding obvious THE LAMBETH WALK

The LW is a strut rather than a dance…….its a ‘ we’re as good as they are ‘two fingers to them down Mayfair way’ – we’ll do as we darn well pleasey’. Think thumbs under braces jauntily strutting down the road. Here’s some instructions on how to do the LW – notice the strutting posture of the female and male stick figures.

The song was banned by the Nazis and people associated with it put on the same death list as Charlie Chaplin. The LW was then turned into an effective ridicule of the Nazis showing stormtroopers marching to it.

It’s a working class song, its communal. its great to dance to. It’s ideal for POOR DOORS – ‘WE’RE AS GOOD AS THEM TOFFS ARE’. I Suggest we adopt it as our song beginning week 17 on November 12th. What a sight to see loads of people Lambeth walking outside No.1 Commercial Street.

here’s the instructions…


Does anybody know it, teach it, be up for taking the lead…………lets all learn it.



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  1. D’Arcy Bussell like a good knees-up

  2. Dr Llareggub

    Brilliant. Lambeth Walk always a winner. And our mums and dads saw this version as a massive piss take of the Nazi’s – made before You Tube. Made when the Nazi’s thought they were going to win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYdmk3GP3iM

  3. Kes

    Watching the video Ian, I can’t help but think its egalitarian in its structure – their is no division in gender roles as both men and women do the same movements.

  4. Dr Llareggub

    Just recorded. Dogs Against the Doors doing the Lambeth Walk.
    Bring your dogs to the dance at Number 1.

    • ianbone

      Ha! a couple of class acts………this’ll spread the cause like no other……you aint a bad mover either Dave. we’ll give this a whirl tomorrow night. tops.

  5. b

    The instructions say dancers should do a “Cockney salute”. My family’s from Battersea/Nine Elms/Lambeth/Walworth and I’d never heard of it (can’t have anything to do with Bow Bells, surely), but apparently it’s the familiar gesture of putting a thumb up, towards yourself, and gesturing backwards with the meaning of ‘gidaddovit’. (So that’s why I do it when annoyed). Sounds apt for the campaign against poor doors… Fucking go for it!

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