I thought this was a joke…………please someone tell me its a joke and i’ll remove instantly with grovelling apologies but TENDANCE COATESY usually speaks truth………so compare and contrast this motion – apparently moved by ex- BIG FLAME member John Tummon – with Martin Wright on Isis.

Motion put to Left Unity conference at weekend

“The call for the Caliphate, however vague and malleable the concept is, reflects a strong internationalism
among Muslims, reinforced and reproduced for hundreds of millions each year by the Haj (Pilgrimage to Mecca), which breaks down and demotes any attachments to nation states of origin. At bottom the caliphate means one government for all Muslims, in which non-Muslims who accept its authority are also welcome.”

“To show solidarity with the people of the Middle East by supporting the end of the structure of the divided nation states imposed by the Versailles settlement and their replacement by a Caliphatetype polity in which diversity and autonomy are protected and nurtured and the mass of people can effectively control executive authority’. Left Unity distances itself specifically from the use of intemperate, inaccurate and moralist language such as ‘terrorism’, ‘evil’, ‘fundamentalist’, ‘viciously reactionary’, ‘murderous’, genocidal’, etc in discussion about the Middle East; these terms are deployed by people and forces seeking not to understand or analyse, but to demonise in order to dominate, and they have no place within socialist discourse. ft Unity Resolution.

“We also distance ourselves from the Eurocentric brand of secularism that believes that the peoples of the Middle East must accept western terms of reference by consigning their religious faith to a separate part of their lives from their political aspirations, if they are to develop progressive societies.”



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  1. maria spiridonova

    I know what you mean ian, it’s like it’s a wind up- but it ain’t april 1st.

  2. The stated goal of developing “progressive societies” is a concept steeped in the Protestant Work Ethic, through uniting religious Faith with political aspirations, and is entirely Luciferian in origin (i.e. Masonic and Heretical).

  3. Dr Llareggub

    Not a joke. But consistent with the policies of Left Unity. Guido Fawkes posted a video of their arcane voting method on the motion.

  4. “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens”

  5. jruti

    This should be a warning to anyone fooled by Left Unity and its so called ‘radical politics’. Support for a Caliphate is the same old support for Nationalism everywhere, no matter how authoritarian or repressive the people in charge will be. Just look at those who support it. Religion combined with such politics is an absolute fucking nightmare for the working class, you should hang your heads in shame. Left Unity is adopting the tactic of building a broad popular front like the SWP, RCP etc have done in the past, and in the process throwing revolutionary politics in the bin. I do take the point about moralistic language, but a fundamentalist will quite literally force their religion down your throat given the opportunity, and bleating about ‘socialist discourse’ will be too late.


    The ISIS alternative to poverty and inequality: Beheadings, crucifictions, torture, rape, the abolition of education for girls, the subjugation of women, suicide bombings, the suppression of anything considered ‘haram’ or forbidden, including workers unions and organisations, the mass murder of infidels/heretics, Shia, Christians, Sufi etc. etc.
    This is a prime example of the failure of liberal-leftism, abandoning the universal principle of opposing religion as the ‘opiate of the masses’ through reason, in favour of an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, ideology that trumps any objections to Islam, because of Western imperialism (again, based on another crock of shit, ‘liberal interventionism’) and racism across europe. As it is there have been moves by the State to align Leftists with Jihadists, so now it seems Left Unity are falling into line with that particular smear to alienate people from associating with anything remotely ‘socialist’…Next thing you know, they’ll be making a connection with this geezer, his ‘Anarcho-Islam’ and ISIS-

    Left Unity are well and truly fucked in the head.

  7. Ray

    I could never read Dave Spart in Private Eye or watch Citizen Smith. Too close to fucking reality mate. Never mind, unlike ISIS no one apart from left stamp collectors has heard of Left Unity.

  8. Tough Love

    Or…a world without borders just spreads poverty to everyone. We’re all in it (the shit) together comrades.

    • PJM

      A world without borders is exactly what global capitalism wants. The Left will probably help them achieve it. Are the people who moved the ISIS motion the modern equivalent of those medieval scholars who used to get together to ask “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”.

    • Landless Peasant

      Borders exist to control us plebs. Capitalism doesn’t recognize borders and thrives by being unaccountable to no nation. Srap all borders to create a free world where no Human Being can be deemed ‘illegal’.

  9. Az

    Total insanity! What is it with the lefts ability to apologies for, and gloss over the barbaric results of many of the central ideas in Islam? Religion is the enemy of the working class everywhere. A religious state… the worst kind surely. Anarchists need a more robust, vocal stance when it comes to Islam and not be afraid of liberals (and anarchists) knee jerk reactions to any criticism voiced.

    Fuck religion -> Fuck Islam
    Fuck the state -> Fuck the Caliphate

    Compare and contrast a typical liberal response when you criticise Catholicism to when you criticise Islam (both of which are overlapping sets of some of the worst ideas people have ever conceived). If on top you have a working class accent… you better be prepared for some serious shit.

    I do take the point though about the use of certain moralist language not being helpful, much of the meaning of which is derived from religious philosophies at its core. ‘murderous’ and ‘fundamentalist’ sure fit the bill though.

  10. andybh

    This motion got all of four votes, compared to hundreds for about half a dozen motions condemning ISIS and expressing solidarity with the Kurds fighting in Kobane. Strangely, all these motions were in the same section of the agenda. How could the writer of this article possibly have missed them…….?

    • Lamia

      How on earth could the members of Left Unity, if they had any human decency, not immediately kick Tummon and his fellow scumbags straight out of their ‘progressive’ party? Would you praise any other political party for allowing-but-voting-against the tabling of a motion to re-institute slavery and to excuse rape?

  11. Dora Kaplan

    It sounds like a rightwing spoof of Trot politics. Have Left Unity finally become a parody of themselves?

  12. Pete Green

    This motion got 3 votes out of 400 – so please don’t imitate Tory blogger Guido Fawkes and imply LU supported this! We’ve had our share of eccentrics just like Class War – meanwhile we support the Kurds in Kobane (see pics from your old mate Glyn Harries on Hackney Town Hall protest with Terry Stewart and myself holding the Hackney LU banner.)

    • Lamia

      You shouldn’t have any people at all who try to justify rape, slavery, torture, ethnic cleansing and mass murder of civilians in your party. They are not ‘eccentrics’ as you blithely suggest. So long as you continue to treat them as comrades you will be tarnished by association.

  13. Phil Pope

    stop being a prat – this post is like reading the daily mail. It was an amendment that got defeated by about 100-4. take this down and stop doing the rights job for them.

  14. You all do know that this motion was unanimously voted down right? And that LU instead voted on arming the Kurdish peoples fighting ISIS?

  15. Dr Llareggub

    So the motion was shot down. Why was it even raised? Obviously by members of LU. Can we propose that Class War supports the monarchy, sends a vote of support to Boris and the Etonians who can unite this country, and add an amendment expressing our belief that the bankers guarantee prosperity for all? Bound to be rejected by the majority but worth putting on the agenda eh.

    Stop trying to wriggle out of it LU – you devoted conference time in debating and voting on this crap.

    • andybh

      It was on the agenda because it was an amendment to a group of motions on supporting the Kurds and condemning ISIS. Those got passed virtually unanimously just as the amendment got junked virtually unanimously. But- hey – you’re not interested are you? Nothing can be allowed to get in the way of a good smear, eh?

      • infidel

        No smear at all. The truth is that some moron (or group of morons) in your organisation still proposed this amendment SUPPORTING them.
        Which means there are morons in your organisation that believe every word of their pathetic amendment.
        Anyway, no smears are needed, you lot are doing that job all by yourselves.

  16. Peter Good

    I spotted two split-infinitives in the motion

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