Great to see more people being exposed to Martin even if it is via the Spectator. People so rarely get to hear a working class person talking politics rather than the liberal drivel of the Owen Joneses of the world. Imagine Martin on QT…the whole country would be talking about it the next morning….but that’s just it -you will have to imagine it cos it’ll; never happen….instead we’ll have Owen Jones ten times.

Anyway taking shameless advantage of Martin’s notoriety here he is talking at the Class War conference in 1985 – or you can catch him every Wednesday at Poor Doors – megaphone in hand.



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  1. b

    Yes. Aim for Question Time if you like. You’re right – the whole country would be talking about it.

    But in the immediate future, what Martin should do to capitalise on the Spectator piece (if he wants that kind of personal publicity) is to announce in his next broadcast that he’s running for Mayor.

    Seriously. He’d get a lot of press coverage, as journalists looked at his back catalogue and cribbed from each other’s pieces…

    Then bombard Fleet Street with press releases announcing his candidacy. The phone wouldn’t stop fucking ringing. Get some early-morning TV interviews and build from there,.

    The idea of a man with a working class accent being intelligent, reflective and articulate is just something amazingly new for the rich cosseted scum who own this country and view us lot as subhuman morons.

  2. b

    A message for journalists reading this – take a look at the way Martin wiped the floor with Blair in a hospital in 2001 (Guardin article here).

    TV editors will soon realise that Martin will boost their ratings like nobody’s business if he does interviews or appears on discussion programmes.

    No politician will have a chance of winning an argument with him. Their classist arrogance will be all the sorry characters have got left, and you’ll be home. Politicians affect contempt for each other’s views, but only up to a point. There are things they never say about each other. If an articulate working class person said them to their faces on mass-market TV – or just let them come to the fore out of the nature of the confrontation – then yes, it would be sensational. The format as it stands is very narrow and strait-jacket bound. Explode it.

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