Class War?…no joke the Class War was started by, and is being perpetuated by those that have, not those who have not. It is the attempted maintenance of a hereditary superiority system that lies at the root of social, political, economic and moral problems. There are few in the (dis)UK that would support the caste system elsewhere in the world, yet seem unable to grasp the fact that the (dis)UK maintains one of the most unequal, and least mobile societies in the world. The Class War party says enough is enough, it’s time to put an end to an outdated and morally untenable prejudiced society based on who knocked up who.

So, away with the monarchy, away with unelected law makers, away with hereditary privilege and excessive inherited wealth, and away with the lapdogs and lackeys that grow fat on the not insignificant scraps from their tables.

It is time to think differently, to design, develop and implement a society based on a balance of positive attributes…of skills, education and abilities, one which rewards contributions to the betterment of that society, while not penalising those that, for whatever reason, are not able to contribute as much, rather than maintaining a society founded on base instincts of greed and aggression.

Unfortunately it is not in the interests of the majority of those who hold power, be it in the form of land, wealth, religious, etc to abdicate quietly…but they have a chance. A vote for Class War is a vote for a complete rejection of current inequality and ideologies. We do not have the answers, rather the knowledge that tinkering with the current system will not provide the answers…a bit more or bit less austerity, oppression, fear, bribery, corruption will not serve any but the privileged few…time for a complete change…

A vote for Class War will not elect a Class War government, such a position is a logical impossibility. What it will do is make sure that your objection to the current sorry state is registered. For too long many non-voters have claimed they would vote if only there was a “none of the above” box…well, time to put your money where your mouth is, never was there a box more clearly saying ‘none of the above’ and to prove it, if you vote CW we will abolish the system within which the ‘above’ thrive…it will then be for us all to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Of course there will be those that find the idea of a Class War Party participating in the General Election ludicrous, and of course I could agree…but no more ludicrous than I find trident missiles, royal sprogs, nuclear power, London supremacy, killing animals for sport, illegal wars…etc, etc…I am not standing for election because I want to be an MP, nor because I want to ‘fight’ the election (as they say). Rather because not to fight would be a dereliction of social and moral responsibility, and a tacit acceptance of a system based on fear, blame, corruption, spite and selfishness.


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  1. Roger Page

    Soaking the rich and powerful would just mean they would piss off abroad taking with them everything except their homes. Class war must be global.

    • The ‘homes’ of the rich, and their control over other peoples’ homes are the biggest economic power they have. That’s their security for speculation on shares, currency and futures trading – which is what the income of the wealthiest in the twenty-first century derives from. Once their homes (which are usually actually our homes) are seized they have nothing with which to trade.

      Or, to put it more simply, Roger, you’re talking codswallop.

      Class war doesn’t have to ‘be global’. You want to believe that we always have to lose, then wave your own white flag. But don’t try to weigh the rest of us down with it. Don’t abdicate responsibility by making everyone else wait for some imaginary pan-global movement before we can achieve one little thing.

      Richard, more power to you, and well done for having the balls to do this. I’ll drop some suggestions about wording to you in the near future.

    • Good fucking riddance, there are 800000 empty homes in the UK, presently controlled by these bastards, so then we’ll all have somewhere to live. Are they going to take the fields and the factories away? No rich, no one to pay the cops or the army, or bribe judges. I’ll have a wank over it.

  2. gtr

    I think it’s over-wordy. By which I mean, the sentences are more complicated than they need to be, and the words are longer and more convoluted than they need to be.

    For example the first two sentences could be edited down to:

    Class War? No joke; the Class War was started by the rich and powerful and continues today. Their system, and its attempts to keep the rest of us ‘in our place’ are at the root of most of our problems.

    …and the same kind of ruthless editing (simplify words and phrases without watering down the ideas) could be continued through the whole piece.

  3. john r

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the constituency (Cardiff South and Penarth)…

    “UKIP to open campaign shop in Penarth” (Penarth Times)

    “The party have also announced that their selection to stand for Cardiff South and Penarth will be John Rees-Evans, who will be using the Glebe Street premises as his main campaign office.

    The shop at 15 Glebe Street will open at 11am on Saturday, November 29.

    The shop will stock leaflets as well as Ukip memorabilia such as mugs and umbrellas. It will also be staffed by party members.

    Ukip are also planning a day of leafleting in Penarth town centre following the shop opening.”

    More here –

    Mr Rees-Evans seems to be the kind of sensible chap that Ukip attracts. He went to public school in apartheid era South Africa, has taken his kids (5, 7 and 9) on a hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (they survived) and believes we are presently living under a “Marxist economic doctrine”.

    The website for the “Ukip Campaign Café” states –

    “Passers-by warmly encouraged to drop in for a chat

    Whether you have a premeditated issue to discuss or simply want to obtain more information about UKIP, locals of all political persuasions are most welcome to come in and talk to us.”

    I hope Richard and other Class War supporters are tempted to pop along for a (no doubt) robust political discussion with Mr Rees-Evans and his chums.

    And there is bound to be some press interest this Saturday.

  4. Thanks for comments, not actually my manifesto…just something I wrote yesterday, while holding hand of elderly aunt, slowly breathing her last breaths, in a caring and supportive environment, an NHS hospital in my constituency. Denigration / knocking of NHS is often politically motivated. Manifesto to follow…in short sharp words x

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