The return of the mob………..we’re standing candidates in the election but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done in places where we are not standing. We are calling for CLASS WAR MOBS to be formed who will – shall we say – enliven the election by bringing back traditions like heckiling, throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes, ducking candidates in the local river or pond, by interrupting interviews, by studied insolence, by refusing to stand where they tell you…….we don’t have to be by-standers in the election like watching a ping pong match………..we can take centre stage……..we don’t want people getting in touch with contacts we want pictures and accounts of mob rule, graffiti, disruptions, pranks, custard pies………five months to go -time for the return of King Mob.



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2 responses to “THE RETURN OF THE MOB

  1. karen

    Yeah, Ill do it. Count me in. I have always wanted to build an egg gun.

  2. I love this idea I would certainly vote for anti-candidate candidate if we had one in Scotland .. shit I might even run myself .. solidarity brother

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