A new coalition government looks inevitable but while negotiations take place there will a week long POWER VACUUM with no one in charge. No one is clear as to who’s responsibility it will be if no party has a overall majority…..the queen, the speaker, lord high sheriff, the chamberlain of the bedchamber, David Attenboro, the archbishop of York, Gruff Rhys Jones ,Danny Dyer, Owen Jones……….even the cabinet secretary don’t know.
We can not allow anarchy to be confused with chaos. We must ACT FIRMLY to dismiss the men of straw, rid ourselves of the self servers and placemen. ARE YOU WITH ME COMRADES.



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4 responses to “OCCUPY THE POWER VACUUM – MAY 8th

  1. Dr Llareggub

    Brilliant. We could hand out all the titles that go with power, make an event of it. I have always wanted to be Chief Gold Stick in Waiting, but there are dozens of other posts starting with Black Rod, descending to the Royal Banana Tester, a job assigned to some flunkey who flushes a banana down any loo that monarchs are likely to use – otherwise someone might nick a royal turd.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    This reminds me of what you’ve been saying about the left for years, Ian. It’s from a ‘counter-punch’ article about Podemos and the M-15 movement in Spain:

    “The leaders of Podemos believe the left has long been guilty of abstruse analysis, obscure references and opaque language. Iglesias reckons that “people don’t vote for someone because they identify with his ideology, culture or values, but because they agree with him.” And they are more likely to do that if candidates seem normal, likeable and have a sense of humour.”


    “We don’t talk about capitalism. We defend the idea of economic democracy.” Nor is the left-right dichotomy discussed: “The divide,” Iglesias has said, “now separates those, like us, who defend democracy … and those who are on the side of the elites, the banks, the markets. There are people at the bottom and people at the top … an elite and the majority.”

    Can anyone imagine the British left every giving up ‘opaque language, abstruse analysis’ and endless waffle about ‘capitalism? and ‘the left?’

    And before I’m condemned for apostasy I hereby do swear that I’m not a ‘Podemos’ supporter or apologist. I simply think they’re right in ditching a load of turgid dialogue and humourless apparatchiks.

  3. Dr Llareggub

    Once our heads are free of the identification of the left with the working class then the entire political spectrum changes. Just think how many people look at the candidates in an election and try to choose which one is more left than the others. Oooh that one is more left than Labour and this one is more left that Left Unity. Must choose the leftist of all. Its all bollocks. Start thinking from the class first, not the bloody parties and their elitist objectives.

  4. Wellington

    Whenever there is a power vacuum it always gets filled by an upper class nob.

    It’s a nob in a vacuum cleaner joke ! Arf arf arf!

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