February 5, 2015 · 6:12 pm

2 responses to “LOTTA CONTINUA

  1. Lou Weed

    News says big kerfuffle over Le Pen at Oxford union. Anyone should be able to stand up and say anything, and anyone should be able to protest if they want.
    When do I see the youtube of Mr Bone doing his bit ? If they can smuggle Le Pen in through a side door then they can certainly smuggle Mr Bone in.

    Newspaper says —
    “students who queued in freezing temperatures to hear Le Pen speak disagreed. “This protest is ironic and counter-productive,” declared Benjamin Evans, studying politics, philosophy and economics.
    “Ironic because stifling debate is the essence of fascism, and counterproductive because the way to challenge these ideas is by confronting them in open and public debate.”

    Doubly ironic that Mr Benjamin Evans, student of PPE, doesn’t know that stifling free speech is the essence of authoritarianism, not fascism. It’s a method employed by fascists, but also by many other political flavours to achieve an end. Stifling free speech is even employed by anarchists ! Amazing but true.

    So Mr Benjamin Evans – you get an F from someone who never went to private school or Oxbridge. Haha.

  2. Vera Ker

    Marine Le Pen cost the local constabulary a shitload of money to protect her from the lefties on her day out.
    ….yet, didn’t the Oxford police claim they couldn’t afford to help Mr Bone’s prospective appearance ?

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