pitchforks uk are gathering…………..

On Feb.19th in London CLASS WAR will be marching from POOR DOORS to RICH GARDENS. We are asking for solidarity anti-rich actions al over the UK on the same day – so far we have actions in Newcastle and Sheffield – the more the merrier comrades.



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4 responses to “pitchforks uk are gathering…………..

  1. dave

    so that’s about 6 of you then. wow. 50+ years and what’s it got you? fuck all. you should have just had a normal life like everyone else. what a waste.

    • Subtle Guy

      Normal life? Contentment in eating the vast amounts of shit force fed to you by those who use violence to protect their corrupt stinking status quo, the same filthy system that strangles you daily and murders your dreams? What’s it like being a walking corpse in the brothel of death that you call normality?

      • dave

        NORMAL people’s contentment comes from just getting on with it,. not with a theory that is nothing but a dream that exists only in the heads of a tiny few. You wouldn’t understand because your ideas come from boring theory written by bearded dead russians who come from a complete different century.
        What’s the alternative? vast amounts of shit force fed to us by the likes of you? yeah ok, the likes of you who complain about simple things like the words that people use etc.
        The only things you actually like, (seeing as you hate everything), are old fashioned punk music from 40 years ago and reading endless volumes of theory. Nothing in common with NORMAL people.
        Face it, your pipedream is a waste of time. 50 fucking years wasted in the case of some of you.
        The only slaves are you. Slavishly following your dogma even though it’s dated to fuck and irrelevant. You cling on to it like a religion, scared to let go in case the sky falls in. No progress at all. no advancements whatsoever. And you wonder why no one gives a fuck about your false utopia.

  2. Uncle Sam

    Where is this anarchist dogma?

    Neither God nor master — that’s it.

    Power mania, corporate greed and organised religion: wrecking the planet — impoverishing, stupefying, murdering millions.

    Neither God nor master — it’s the anarchist solution. In the factories, on the streets, in yer nut.

    For immediate:

    . relief and survival
    . protection and progress
    . comfort and joy
    . benefit and delight.

    Health and happiness guaranteed — or I’ll eat my words.

    (Sounds — optional, to taste.)

    (“Written by bearded dead Russians” — in zombie movies, perhaps?)

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