voice of the malcontent – THE WRIGHT STUFF

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  1. Dr Llareggub

    Good one Martin. I am finding it hard to find anarchists to day who agree with you (and me) that all politics is a sham. Too many on the left mistakenly think that Labour has more to offer than the tories. Now here is a wild prediction, but I guess the Tory and Labour leaders have thought of it. No overall winner. Several seats held by small parties. But why should either Labour or Tory deal with the sprats? Why not go for a grand Con/Lab coalition to deal with the crisis eh. Why not? There is bugger all difference between them, and they have been very polite towards each other during the campaign. Cameron for PM, Ed for Foreign Secretary or Deputy PM, and the jobs shared between the others. Both can screw us claiming that we put them there, as either Tory or Labour voters. Five year fixed Parliament while they sort the long term future out and ensure that its Tory versus Lab business as usual in the future.

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