Six year’s ago a  dozen class warriors went to Eton for the day. Most had never seen the rich as a herd. As we walked over the bridge from Windsor it was like seeing the brontosauri in Jurassic Park. There were audible gasps and intakes of breath – one comrade had an asthma attack. All had seen individual rich people of course but in the herd it was different. It wasn’t the clothes, the uniform, the diction, the way they carried themselves – it was the faces.

‘what are those things?’ asked a young Eritrean woman with us. ‘They must be the same person going round and round like circus  clowns in a carriage’ another…’there faces are all the same’.

Indeed it is widely rumoured that Alice Rothschild thought she had married Tristram Hunt!

Twenty years earlier the same reaction at the Henley regatta………..’there’s fucking hundreds of them’. We’re not used to seeing the rich in herds – most older people would know only of the ‘big house’ where they might get domestic work.

En masse they might rub shoulders in Frith’s Derby Day – always a risk – why do you think the daily mail sends photographers to catch proletarian women dancing knickerless and pissed at  the Derby.

When we came back from Eton one said ‘it cant be like that everyday…can it’ well unless it was Brigadoon it can.



I am in a unique position as the son of a butler to have observed toffs closely since childhood. I have frolicked in a sandpit with Lady Beavrbrook and saluted the AA patrolman from the heated leather of an Amstrong Siddely. The class warriors at Eton were right.


It’s the faces. The high cheek bones, the lantern jaw. I’m speaking here only of the white Anglo-Saxon ruling class in the UK- be interested to hear what others have to say. Also I’m neither a geneticist or an anthropologist but have  had a unique view of UK ‘s feudal society. There’s no longer any doubt.




























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