The fund raising at Aberfan became known as the second Aberfan disaster. It’s quite possible to see the same happening at Grenfell Tower. Rumours are going round and gossip of the ‘what’s happened to the money?’ variant.
There are also many different ‘Grenfell support groups’ which lay the ground for splits and personal antagonisms working their way out in public
The problem is this – there is an iron law that says that if there has not ben a cathartic outbreak of rage within a month of the disaster then it becomes an unlanced boil spreading poison into the system. The community turns in on itself in recrimination.
The storming of the doors at RBKC was an excellent response to a council that had failed for decades to care about North Ken and of which Grenfell Tower was the example that spread beyond the council’s boundaries But it did not go that extra yard – did not occupy the town hall, did not find or have a chance to rage at the guilty councillors – just pushing against low aid security staff while their bosses cowered under desks. No target was raged at – the boil was unlanced.
By July 19th – the date of the demonstration at the next council meeting where the leader and deputy leader that resigned will still be in attendance – things will need to be pushed that bit further so that rage finds its targets
Otherwise justice will not be done.


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