Grenfell Tower – a rough and ready optimism greeted tenants in the 1980s.I’ve described in previous post the informal social mobility scheme whereby unwanted furniture was redistributed via the lifts. There was a general satisfaction when an item went which translated into a genuine wish that your neighbours would do well. ‘How did you get on last night?’ was a proper enquiry whether about a job, romance, drug deal, gig……….or anything. I’ve never lived anywhere that had such generosity of spirit towards all your fellow tenants. This was based not on community spirit or community action. I never got an invite into anyone else’s flat all the time I lived there or attended a social do or meeting.it was more a jaunty feel that you were in a place where people were successful and you’d weave these stories of success into a feel good factor about the Tower and in pride about the others who there. ‘The singer from Aswad’ was thought to live above floor 16 somewhere. I was soon caught up in the ethos of Grenfell……….’yes bloke from Aswad lives here’ I’d nonchalantly drop into the conversation.
And our cockroaches ere bigger than anyone else’s. Grenfell pride.




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