Socialist Worker today carries news of a march in CAMDEN on Saturday in support of local traffic wardens strike. Fair enough. But as you scan the rest of the paper you’ll see that is the ONLY strike mentioned and that the usual 3 month build up to a national A-B march by one of their front organisations is absent. There are plenty of articles of the GENERAL ELECTION NOW variety however. The SWP and fellow  Trots have abandoned the streets in favour of a VOTE LABOUR at the next election strategy and with it any plans for mass direct action campaigns. Whitehall will echo to the nonsensical ‘who’s streets – our streets’ no longer. Thank the fucking lord. Tied into this are Momentum who have also abandoned the streets.

Neil Kinnock said ‘you wont get rid of the poll tax by rioting in the streets’ but we did and specifically Class War did and that led to Thatcher’s downfall. The TROTS  could only go on telly and offer to grass us up t the cops.

WE ONLY HAD TO BE LUCKY ONCE…but as our cereal killer café riot showed we could do it again. It also showed we had to be selective in choice of target and time. But now that time has come again – not ONLY in pulling down THATCHER’s statue in Grantham – but turning JACIB REES-MOGG’s vanity show at the LONDON PALLADIUM on FEB. 26t into the greatest music hall performance of all time. …in the spirit of Leonard Sach’s invite to audience participation ‘chiefly yourselves’ and in the spirit of the Luton town hall rioters of 1919 who sang ‘keep the homefires burning’ as the town hall went up in flames behind them.









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