n 1985 this was the copy of Class War that proclaimed the inner city rioters – here in Handsworth – but later in Brixton and Tottenham – to be part of the working class. The same working class that had just fought the miners strike. Black rioters and white miners had a common class identity if not a common class consciousness.
Previously the black uprising’s from St.Pauls in 1979 through the riotous 1981 and onto 1985 had been described as black or even race riots. Yes as late as 1985 ;race riots was the descrition most favoured by the media.
There are few – if any even of the participants -who would have seen a common cause – who would have joined in practical solidarity with each other.
CW did though and this cover was one of the most influential ever. and accompanied by a riot in wood green to link the two groups.

Now 35 yeas later some leftists seek to racialize the working class in direct antagonism with our 1985 position and to proclaim it’s identity as ‘the neglected white working class’
This has led them to embrace ideas which are identical to the right wing groups to which they are in supposed oppostion

If the white working class is neglected then some one else must be doing better because of it……maybe all those

And what of those in the non-white working class – what have the racialisers got to say to them who not so long ago were seen as negleced in their inner city inner city areas of deprivation.

Yesterday I came across the word ‘racialisation’ for the first time in a comment by the director of the Institute of the IRR who spike cogently on its negative effects, Theres a wordy definition of it on Wikipedia but it rings very true to me as to what’s going on with our proponents of the ‘neglected whte working class’ and how it brings the right and some leftists together

wiki ‘racialising’ definition

racialization is the process of ascribing ethnic or racial identities to a relationship, social practice, or group that did not identify itself as such.[1] Racialization or ethnicization is often borne out of the interaction of a group with a group that it dominates and ascribes identity for the purpose of continued domination. While it is often borne out of domination, the racialized and ethnicized group often gradually identifies with and even embraces the ascribed identity and thus becomes such a self ascribed group……….

I thnk this means that if you keep telling the the white working class that they are separate FROM THE REST OF THE WORKING CLASS they may start to believe you..

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