Anna Trapnell – the first situationist
Trapnell exploded onto the political scene in 1654 when she went in to 12 day trace in Whiehall where she denounced Cromwell’s decision to become the Lord Protector.
Using song and dance and prophesy thousands flocked to whitehalll to see her. She had a passing translator – what luck – write down all she said and published in a pamphlet within days of the end of her trance. The pamphlet maybe he first tabloid where Trapel’s notoriety was sold back to the punters by way of an edited version by herself.
When she visited Cornwall she was charged with aspersing the government, madness, witchcraft, whoredom, sedition – each of which carried the death sentence. Trapnel again self published her account of her trial after she had bamboozled the magistrates with biblical learning.
By now her spectacular happenings had got her notoriety sky high but she had that covered too.
‘The government has turned my life into a spectacle for the gaze of all’ she lamented with an onion up her sleeve and a wink to her mates.
But Anna had had enough of the spectacular society – she was ready to move further beyond the point of no return. An armed uprising.

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