What is the root of the desire to be dignified after someone has done harm to people. After the first night when immediate anger from an incident has to be allowed then will appear banners against violence in general and in particular – we must show s are better than them, not stoop to their level, people must do what the organisers tell them – which is always on message – and involves condemnation of any potential violence community leaders are warning about.
First get the family on side – ‘we dont want the march marked by any violence’ then your half way there cos who’s gonna go against a bereaved family’s shoes? There’s the duplicitous role of the female family liaison officer who will start to deal with the press and ingratiate herself with the family. These cunts should never be allowed in the door. Then a whole group of church and community leaders will add their weight and set up facebook and community sites which they control from the start.
Roger Sylvester’s family vocally calmed everyone who was itching to kick off after his death. A few years down the line, they said they wished they hadn’t.
We need to cut a swath through this moral mush. Let’s say it – there are no reasons why the relatives wishes are paramount or should be a bar to action. The dad person may have hated their fucking family for all we know. The community at large is entitled to act on its own analysis.
Take the Mark Duggan 2011 riots Were people out and about saying Mark wouldn’t have wanted this – well maybe he would have – maybe he would be thinking I hope it all kicks off every fucking night but bigger. I hope they shot fucking helicopters down full of fucking coppers.
So if we are led by pacifist community leaders who speak for the families – or imagine they do as their claim to credulity – we’ll end up with the monthly Grenfell walk which is like a weekly clap of defeat while assuaging some need in us and keeping florists in business
Many situations require a violent response – such as the murder of black man after black man in the USA. Waving a keep it dignified and non-violent placard about is doing the state’s work for them

Jon Bigger, Ricky Oshea and 8 others




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