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    • Anonymous

      Hi Ian, I just found out that you are blogging again, this is fucking ace news. It took you three months, did the Sherings coach break down. Every time I saw one on the moterway I thought of you. Love you so much for what you have done and do Ian. Paul Sheffield
      P.S. I couldn’t get the email to send but wanted to ake contact.

    • John Tebbet

      Hi Ian,

      You won’t remember me but I was at Swansea studying politics and buying Alarm in ’69 and drinking with you and wearing my Swansea Anarchist badge with pride down the local pubs. Remember when we humiliated Ted Heath in the Union and sang “White Xmas” to disrupt his speech, much to the disgust of the IS mafia who wanted a “serious dialogue” with the plonker!

      Well done mate on all you have done; just watched your interview with Jonathan Ross on U Tube: brilliant!

      Good luck tomorrow!
      John Tebbet (former Swansea Anarchist)

  1. Hey mate, thanks for the PR, now I owe you a pint. You might actually like my pub. Dont worry since your fine work we now have class sections lower, middle and upper. Deciding that snobbery in any form, ie uppers looking down at lowers and lowers looking down on middle and upper….and even better, middles hating everyone! is a fantastic thing.Just cant decide which side to be on. Lets stir the hate together and make this world a happier place.

    Big Love to the bone


    • Anonymous

      You are a stupid causeless moron, you’re stupidity transcends me. Considering the ‘upper class pay for your education as well as theirs you should be grateful

  2. Here’s an anarchist journal all the way from the central valley in California, really influenced by Class War. Let us know what you think.

  3. x

    what a bunch of idiots can’t you see that communism doesn’t work so why do you strive for it, there will always be classes of people and society would not work without them

  4. y

    @ x
    have you finished your homework dear……

  5. Louis Lingg

    I noticed that Nigel Evans MP – I’m sure you remember him as a numpty Swansea Councillor during “Alarm” days is now Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Identity Fraud Group – God(sic) help us.

    His inane contribution to the shock and horror of the lost Child Benefit disks scandal was a hoot.

  6. Smashing blog and I loved your Bash the Rich book. Any chance of a link to my blog? It’s all about fighting for your rights to drink booze

  7. Anonymous

    Why dont you get a proper job.
    Who are you going to call if your being chased down the road by thugs, or dying in your car after crashing.
    The police?
    Boo your self you fucking idiot.

  8. Anonymous – I phone the police regularly.

    In fact everytime I see a police car parked on double yellow lines outside my local kebab house, I ring in to complain.
    It does not seem to do any good – just like reporting more serious crimes to you does not seem to have much effect.

    Still as long as you get paid and can still retire at 50 on a fat pension well away from the streets you ‘policed’ who cares…….?

  9. Brap

    if im being chased down the street by thugs im not gonna have much time to phone the police am i?

    if im dying in my car after crashing im gonna call an ambulance.

    and in regard to police help against thugs, me and a friend were attacked outside a nightclub in ipswich a year and a half ago by 30 “thugs”.

    My mate was thumped and i was stabbed. Someone phoned the police – 2 policeman showed up and said, “we cant do anything about it unless you know their names” -despite the fact that they were all still across the street threatening to kill us with weapons in their hands.

    then, as the police were still standing there, two of these “thugs” walked accross the road, knocked me mate unconcious and then ran back. The police saw it all and then repeated – “we cant do anything about it unless you know there names”. Then they got back in their patrol car and drove off, leaving us to defend ourselves against around 30 people. At no time did they log it, radio it in or ask for back up.

  10. the dibble are there to protect the state and the middle class from us – the working class – nothing else………… they are ALL scab wankers and should be treated as such………….. if you ever need to call them your postcode will play a direct part in the responce to your call – fact. so regardless of the trouble you find yourself in weather you call them or not makes little difference if you were born working class………………………… and as for the comment up above about communism being a waste of time – of course it fuckin is – its a crap idea……………….

  11. hrh Sid the First

    rigtyo, you’ve really got me going, is that benn photo for real or not – either way it’s magic


  12. Louis Lingg

    51 Shelley Crescent received a direct hit in the Swansea blitz killing it’s two female occupants.

    I can’t remember whether the house was ever rebuilt.

  13. Robert Smitheringale

    Anonymous. If you threaten the state or the rich and powerful(all the same thing really)even if there only idears the thugs chasing you down the road will be the police.Whats this expressoin I,ve heared all my life” get a proper job”You find it I’ll do it.

  14. Louis Lingg

    Maggie to get a state funeral!

    Apart from hoping it comes this week – what an opportunity for class action (revenge).

  15. rob

    Hi Ian,Enjoyed the bash the rich book..any more in the pipeline?


    I’m sending your page3 stock exchange song around the place.When are you and your mates coming back to Amsterdam?

  17. Timmo 101

    alo Ian
    greetings from tipton,black country
    came across your site by chance
    fucking ace mate

  18. hottub

    Hate the fucking BBC but heres something interesting on the radio – yet to listen to it so can’t say whether it will piss me off like All White In Barking…Radio 4 ( aka radio pseud )has a new series Whaterver Happenend To The Working Class?

  19. East Ham Dave

    I have just finished listening to the final episode of this show.And yes, it was very interesting.
    I feel that the anarchists have some catching up to do with the working class.But I also feel that some of the directions that we are going in we will inevitably cross paths with them.
    The big question for me is;will we have the ideas that they will be able to relate to,will our ideas be able to address their immediate and long term needs,and do we have the guts to walk into their domains with our ideas and put a face to our politics?The show touched upon some of the ways that Thatcherism infected the working class,and how the Tories have always had a very solid understanding of us.And that many working class people feel that Labour has deserted them.Nothing new there.
    Some of the people interviewed on the show would of made very interesting guests on your Radio show, Ian.Maybe you should take a listen.

  20. 1Samuel8:18


    Any chance that you’ll plug those gaps on the podcasts of Anarchism in the UK? Great show, only just stumbled on it. Hope there are more.

  21. Bill

    Hello Ian.Long time no see.You probably won’t remember me but i used to attend the meetings at the Prince Albert in Kings X along with the rest of the Neasden mob.

    Read your book which was damn good,feel you were a little unfair on some of your comments about the little chef (Sean Mason) but can understand why you thought he became a pain in the arse.I was on the van the night Sean was left at Membury Services,i to fight me way back on cos i think if i hadn’t i’d have suffered the same fate too!
    Also was at Coventry when Bruce Kent gave us all a lift back to town,fair play to him he put up with some stick from us on the journey.
    Anyway Bud you keep fighting the good fight and i hope to hear from you when you get a chance.

  22. Alright Ian it’s Samuel, we met at The Bank. These are those drawings I was telling you about, some of them are a bit dark but that’s my sense of humor. Hope you had a good one yesterday, was really sound meeting everyone. Ended up heading up stokes croft with aload of scallies for some dodgy punk last night.
    Really nice meeting you, I sure we’ll bump into each other again.

    Cheers Samuel

  23. Nickahead

    Here is some Polltax Stuff. Crappy quality but still a great feel..

  24. missus lydon

    Lewis lewis (please forgive me a little joke!),
    I used to live at no.27 Shelley Crescent with a member of the Prytherch dynasty, who hailed from Ammanford, who told me that anyone who lived at no.51 was doomed and all of this happened before the war, this begs a variety of questions

    Dear chatshow host, will you please let the perpetrator of the aforementioned calumny know about the error of his ways, and apply suitable corrective measures….or the vertical jews may rise up!

  25. Hope your having a good x mas. I’m working this morning, lovely. Only getting time and a half. Bloody NHS

    Just heard a joke that made me proper chuckle.

    Why do anarchists only drink instant tea?

    Because proper-tea is theft.

    Have a good one.


  26. renegade1904

    What’s this about ‘Doc’ Whelan passing away. When, where, how???? He was a very good friend of mine.

  27. anon

    check out this link:

    “Whilst on the roof, the footage, captured by independent filmmaker Luke Flegg, from Bournemouth, recorded the moment a fire extinguisher was dropped over the parapet and into the crowds below.”

    So now we know the name of the traitor who gave the bbc and the pigs the film. Thanks to him a protester might face charges of “attempted murder”.

  28. BCW

    I don’t know whos running the national site but they need to get on it.
    This post on the forum say it all.
    ‘come on guys this is getting embarressing! there has been no update on the blog since the 3rd november! people coming to CW after the student demo are looking for a combatative fighting group who don’t bullshit and get the business done.
    what they get is a load of verbal bollocks about an imaginery syndicalist group and nothing else- no fuck the roayal wedding no support fitwatch no up the ante and bring the class war to the doorstep of every tory.
    the site is a mess the downloads looks like a Ian Bone fansite- no worrys about Bone, but come on! why is unfinished business tucked away at the bottom like an embarressing add on? It should be at the very top!
    If Class War is to be relevent it needs to have a real face, one paper a year just doesn’t cut it.
    Nowadays that means a real website.’

  29. Robert Smitheringale

    Dear Ian, I like the idear of Ramp-age and want to join up. I’m a young man nearly 59 (grandad and all).I live in the grounds of an old peoples home aswell. Floris Berg. Holland. People in there 50’s,60’s are poll tax rioter vets. Old squatters, Ex I.T./Oz/Friends/Class War readers and ex Winsor Free Festival goers etc. The media have thrown us on the scrap heap but we are still out there enjoying the beer and rolling our joints.Really. There is no place to go for us at the moment (radio 4 is all we have left). I think you’ve found a niche in the market. It really would put an end to kettling aswell. Theres a magazine in there somewhere. Must go. Send me a form.

  30. Jock Murry

    Hi Ian, I am a working class Glaswegian and am livered that I never noticed Paddy market, had been closed down, which was about a year and a half ago. It is only very recently that I have even opened my mind to the situation that I am in. I have always just accepted my role as an east end causality of our modern world but now I am starting to get pissed off, I don’t know why paddy’s market should set me off in a rage but it has, I never used the place but I loved walking through it and part of Glasgow has truly died.

    I am a smoker and have not adapted well to the smoking ban either, I tried to make a stand, when it was introduced way back when, by not complying to it, I light up and used my beer glass as my astray and I was amazed by the lack of support I received by my fellow drinkers who mocked me and pointed at me like a freak, since that day I suddenly realized that most people are totally under controlled and that the invisible whip had been drawn.

    I think it started in Glasgow way before that in the early 90’s, with the banning of public drinking, I still remember the old folks of the street on the benches drinking and talking away and the summers in George’s Square were people would sit with there cans and share their stories, seems so long ago now.

    Now in present day Glasgow we get nerves even throwing a fag away in case were marched to a ATM machine and ordered by a cunt in a green hat accompanied by a police to pay a 50 pound fine. Most of the parks have been turned into house, of which none seem to be council property, old shops are either burned down or boarded up and the corruption is fucking everywhere you swing your head.

    The rich and poor divide is apparent, with big fancy shopping centre’s with no bus stops, Security People on the door’s at spec savers, pound shops,the job centre and camera’s in every place the rich can’t be seen, So it’s looking like I am in prison, but I never got a hearing and I don’t know how long my sentence is or even my crime.

    The commonwealth seems to have sparked the exodus, the high rise flats are being flattened, the new Glasgow ghetto’s are being created and slowly but surely the true Glaswegian is being pushed to the fridges of the city

  31. john

    if you ever get the chance,and haven’t already read this book,get hold of it,unerving parrallels with the student demos of the recent months “with extreme prejudice by Martin Walker-

  32. AW

    Hi Ian, I was told this was the best way to contact you – apologies if it’s not. I’m a researcher working on a documentary feature film about the monarchy. I heard about you through other anarchist groups and through Movement Against Monarchy. I was wondering whether I could speak to you further about your views. Please feel free to email me if you’re available, or want to know more. I think the film really needs your perspective. Thanks very much. Ashley

  33. AndyV

    Hi Ian,

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it already but you are quoted in todays Times p7

  34. Lee

    Criminal justice bill 1994, all the demos i went on as a young lad. before they put the CCTV everywhere. They wanted to stop raves, ramblers, travellers demos etc etc. All the coppers are now crying because of the cuts. THE FUCKING IRONY these bastards protected the evil twats which started to take away our rights to gather and protest. Im no expert and im not the most intelligent man. But it seems to me something is deeply wrong with how things are. I still remember life before mobile phones and CCTV. Could someone tell me if you can copyright your own image, so when your been filmed by a CCTV camera you can sue the bastards. Imagine if we could all do that??? Could someone please occupy tv stations like they used to do in the 60`s. Jeremy Vile and all the other smarmy telly twats need a good clout. Thank you. Look after each other and knickers to all these evil brainwashing arseholes. Y.R.A aka Yorkshire Rhubarb Army. free custard for all….

  35. honestquestion

    Hello Ian, I’m doing some research into the history of Anarchist papers in the UK, can you tell me anything about the ‘Swansea Black Sheep’?
    Was it you? if not would you know who did it?

  36. Grimnasty13

    I really enjoyed your book, when does the rest of it come out? Just as Wapping looked like kicking off, it’s all over! Come on, you must have loads left!

  37. Walker

    Alright Ian?
    Great work recently.
    Friday marks the centenary of the Llanelli Railway Riots- troops firing on protesters etc I’m sure you know the story- programme on BBC Wales tonight which I’m hoping to ‘redistribute’ soon.
    In Solidarity

  38. Anonymous

    You are a buffoon.

  39. Anonymous

    You are an idiot.

  40. Hey Ian, fellow UK anarchist here – if you could help publicise my blog I would be incredibly grateful, yours has been a great influence to me.

  41. Did you see where Occupy Cardiff got worked over by the cops on Friday? The first of these occupations to be forcibly moved on, in the UK at least.

    After being roughly manhandled by the police, the only thing which cheered me up was watching that video of you at the Henley regatta. Fucking magnificent! You are my hero.

  42. rich etonian

    parum vobis est. class blandit operationem.
    diu vivere divitis. Eton diu vivere. Eton diu vivere.
    so thereth in yea cranium!!!
    gregory montegue-dorchester

  43. Anonymous

    A little present from Bristol IWW:

    November 30th Strikes film part one pensions

    Part 2 not just about pensions

    Would be great if you could promote these mate,

  44. Anonymous

    This site is total crap, I am guessin that you are the Son or something of Clive. Have to say you are both totally stupid your values are messed up and yet Chirs was a councillor, and now doubt you own your own house and are up to your eyes in debt to pay for the life you cant afford. Stop knocking a society and play a better part in it.

  45. Anonymous

    They really don’t like it up them, do they?

  46. Uncle Sam

    Dear Ian,
    Please consider putting as many relevant links as you can on your blog, as the search engine companies are increasingly nudging and manipulating people away from what they are looking for and towards commercial websites (by putting commercial stuff on page 1 of the search result, etc.). Then the search engines can track their web journeys and sell the info to firms to profile the punters and target and groom them to buy their crap. Ratbags!

  47. none given

    i was suprised as i’d wrote plan b off as a sortof poverty tourists puppet but he has some worthwhile things to say, particually about classism though they weren’t quite phrased like that.

  48. QWERTY


  49. Anonymous

    The voice of our masters.

  50. Anonymous

    Thought you might like this and maybe something for the next a to b event, leading them on a merry old donut dance.

  51. Anonymous

    I’d never heard of Ian Bone and now I know why.
    Having read this blog and watched 2 interviews with him on YouTube plus his Wikipedia entry and 4 more articles, I am left with the impression of a pointless angry failure of a man who confuses his own sense of worthlessness, swearing and anger for a credible political argument.
    I didn’t goto Oxbridge and I am working class so don’t go mistaking me for one of your toffs or snobs.
    I wanted this site to give a credible alternative to the status-quo. It doesnt.
    Plus it’s expressed in language which is little different to that of the far-right.
    Bash the rich – fine. What happens now that’s done?
    It’s interesting to note that Mr Bone has been on the dole for much of his life. Without the riches taxes (no matter how small you may think them) to fund the dole, how does your political and social theory provide for your support in this new utopia you desire?
    I am genuinely interested to know this. It’s all very well being angry but unless you have an alternative you are little more than an immature toddler having a tantrum as its all so unfair.

  52. The eyebrow

    It’s starting to bug me (for no reason mind). Why just your eyebrow? It’s a perfectly reasonable eyebrow, but as a banner photo? Am I missing some massive symbolism? It just seems a bit odd.

  53. Hi, I’m currently working with an anarchist magazine in Sweden. But that’s not the reason I’m writing to you. I want to translate “Unfinished Business” from english to swedish, free of charge. Unfinished Business needs to be read by everyone. But I’m having massive problems in finding the right person to get in touch with. Could you steer me in the right direction?

  54. Mothershit Chickenfucker

    So, farewell Blog, Have a good snog and cuddle with Jane, And after a while, when you regain your smiled, you may come again…cheers boss!

  55. lostinthurrock

    Just to let you all know that the Thurrock Heckler has moved to:

  56. If u know Helen and david could they write a support letter for anti mc d activists facing the giant from down under ?

  57. Anonymous

    Dear Ian, Thanks for your kind donations of Bash the Rich (2006) and Anarchist! (1993). These are very welcome and I’m sending them off to bet catalogued. My best, Andy Simons, Printed Historical Sources, The British Library

  58. I say my Good Man,
    how does one go about obtaining the rather splendid mansion stickers for ones mansion?
    thanks in advance,
    A. Jollygood Chap.

  59. Uncle Sam

    Hi Ian

    I’ve just sent you a chunk of Connolly for posting under the Citizens Army stamp. Hope it is not too long.

    “All hail to the mob!” — I can’t think of a better slogan for your blog.

    Good on yer!

  60. JJ

    What do you think of this

    I’m no facebooker but that last one(i saw on facebook) I went on-Nov 5-had a couple of thousand and was a good night out.. If like people are suggesting putting up posters it could be big. And then having another on May 1.


    One for you Ian? Heard of it?
    The People: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class, 1910-2010: Selina Todd


    Telling it like it is-


    Saw this- thunked of you:-

    Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places and What They Tell Us About the World
    by Alastair Bonnett


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