Living Legends

There’s a splendid HISTORICAL  archive of stuff on Page3 and the Living Legends on Glenn Evans brilliant website:

Theres a lot of living legends tracks on soundcloud here:




About 14 months ago I went into a studio in Hackney and recorded some new stuff with Andy Martin and ‘UNIT’. There’s the new track ‘FUCK OFF GORDON BROWN’  and a 7.5 minute reading of ‘TO TRAMPS’ by Lucy Parsons and Durrutti’s famous ‘ We are not in the least afraid of ruins’ speech plus a reading of the Mansfield miners rally from Bash The Rich. UNIT added another 13 new tracks of their own and we’ve now chucked in the entire LIVING LEGENDS back catalogue ( 21 tracks from Swansea,Cardiff and Bristol) PLUS the CLASS WAR single Better Dead than Wed featuring the dulcet tones of Martin Wright. This makes for a wopping double cd of 42 tracks in all including such faves as TORY FUNERALS and THE POPE IS A DOPE.  The cd entitled CLASS WAR featuring UNIT and THE LIVING LEGENDS can be had for a cheapo tenner from Andy Martin at:

UNIT HQ    PO BOX 45885  LONDON E11 1uw



Trendy Leftie Drop dead…………..oi oi oi……..Trendy Left drop dead……..oi oi oi

Standing there outside the boozer giving me your propaganda………….I wanna know whats oh so different

Trendy Leftie drop dead…..oi oi oi

Labour party Tory party middle class for middle class

Come on comrade buy my paper come on comrade kiss my arse…….trendy leftie drop dead oi oi oi

I dont wanna go to the claimants union dont wanna go to CND I WANNA NOW WHATS OH SO DIFFERENT Trendy Leftie you’re no good for me

Spectacle is false rebellion     anarcho-isms dont mean a thing…….spouting about your revolution…but it dont mean a fucking thing…….I wanna destroy all of your kind……..Trendy Leftie drop dead………..oi oi oi…..

( These are partial lyrics from memory only……..if anyone’s got the rest please put em up here)

RIP Doc Whelan



    ’11 great artistes in one group’ !!!!!!




  1. Five pints of bitter balanced on your prick

Five pints of bitter it must be really thick

Five pints of bitter it makes be feel quite sick

Five pints of bitter balanced on your prick





John Bindon, John Bindon all I’ve heard of you

John Bindon,John Bindon can it be really true

You’re a better man than I John Bindon

A better man than me

I wouldn’t like to stand next to you

When  you’re in the lavatory


  1. Can’t be that thick, cant be that wide, cant be that fucking long


All the reports they can’t be right they must be fucking wrong

I could be corrected but when erected hard enough to bang a gong

Big enough, rough enough, huge enough, tough enough

Could belong to King Kong


  1. I mean I’d really like to know from this and that report

How the fuck do you keep ‘em up without any real support

How the fuckdo you keep ‘em up was it pints or halves what sort

How the fuck do you keep em up its more than a fucking quart


  1. What do you do when you go outside

Is it strapped to your kneecap or your side

Where do you put it after a jump






3″ reunite to sing their song about John Bindon’s party trick……Ian Bone Ray Jones John Bindon The Bank Job Film Class War Roughler
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Ray Jones, Ian Bone and friendssing the Page 3 classic, john Bindon…bindon bone class war
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For the latest on live performances  and you tube videos by PAGE 3 in London check out:




STOP PRESS: Sad to report death of DOC WHELAN – Doc was a mainstay of the Cardiff Living Legends – singing/writing  TRENDY LEFTIE DROP DEAD, MOTHERFUCKERS and GOD SHITS ON YOU.

‘MOTHERFUCKERS’ will be released as part of a Living Legends CD remastered by Andy Martin and some new collaborations by me and UNIT due for release in May 2008. Will include a couple of Page 3 numbers – ‘Bitches on Heat’ and Amanda’s brilliant vocals on TOXIC SHOCK – RESCUED FOM OBLVION thanks to Andy and Fred – plus new song ‘FUCK OFF GORDON BROWN’

Old Living Legends site:

Lisa, Ian.Sarah,Amanda

 There’s a full account and pictures of the Living Legends and PAGE3 in my book ‘BASH THE RICH’ .

Any pictures/memories welcome!

 One version of the SwanseaLiving Legends featuring Stan,Whizzy,Kevin,me,Carolynne……thanks to glitterbeast for the photo.

  Page 3 last ever gig – comments from Andy Green: 

  ‘What was your worst moment?

As student union social secretary I briefly became Wales’s number one reggae promoter and we had some brilliant nights. I once however had the choice of two unknown bands; one was to become the Eurythmics with Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. I chose the Yachts. This was eclipsed when I foolishly put on a punk band called ‘Page Three’ – in what was to be their last-ever gig – whose members were to become the anarchist agitation group Class War.This band included a lady of ill repute involved in the so-called ‘sex for luncheon vouchers scandal’ in the ‘70’s. Their act included doing rude things with jelly babies and feeding them to the front row of the audience. It got worse: the night ended in chaos with police and fire brigade called out, the College Safety Officer beaten up, and my dear mate Bertie Mathews getting thumped.

My abiding memory is when cleaning up the mess at the end of the night. This big Welsh guy stood in the hall with his posture indicating he was going to make some negative pronouncement but declaring, in his broad valley’s accent: “Smutty, but good!” I learnt that you can at least please some of the people some of the time! (The story is further recounted in the excellent ‘Bash the Rich’ by Ian Bone Tangent Books.)’

Hope to have as many of the original Page3 line -up as posible but we’re still missing YOU LOT……Jock McVeigh, Sarah and Amanda Bewara, Johnathan Smyth-Murray, Hughie, Trevor, Ceri, Sherealee, Stan Autonome…………get in touch asap….dame fortune beckons….again!


Born out of the ashes of Swansea porno-rockers ‘Page 3’ in 1980. The Living Legends have had four lives in Swansea, Cardiff, London and Bristol and ‘God Bless You Queen Mum’ the song that survived the years.


‘The Pope is a Dope’ and ‘Dum Dum Bullets For A Dumb Dumb Dummy’ were recorded in Swansea and released on Upright records in 1982. Otherwise all material is only on tape cassette including a Greatest Hits collection on BBP records in 2000 and ‘Live at the Acton Arms’ released by Mpata in 1996.

The London version of The Legends featured comedian/actor Keith Allen on drums and John Glyn of X-RaySpex on saxophone along with Mario from the Tesco Bombers and sisters Amanda and Sarah Bewara on tracks like ‘Toxic Shock’ and ‘Sexist Twat’ and ‘Bitches on Heat’

‘Island Wars’ was recorded in Cardiff in 1982 where the line up of the band was Ian Bone, Doc Whelan, Roland Cleaver, Gareth Joseph, Dean Poole and Nicky Evans. In Cardiff ‘Tory Funerals’, ‘Trendy Leftie Drop Dead’ and other favourites were recorded.

Island Wars was recorded at the time of the Falklands War and was written and sung by Roland and features Dean Poole’s wall of sound drumming. This version of the Legends played with Conflict at the 101 Club in 1983 but then the group went into cold storage till resurfacing with a different line-up in Bristol in 1996.

The living Legends also provided the core of the people who recorded the Class War single ‘Better Dead Than Wed’ with Conflict and released on Mortarhate in 1986 and re-recorded in 2005 to celebrate Charles and Camillas wedding.

The whole band were closely connected with Class War and much subsequent energy was channelled into that and various other insurrectionary street politics activities.


Legends Live

by John Serpico

Anyone innocently wandering in to this gig could quite well have felt that they were experiencing some strange hallucinatory Evostick flashback… Horny housewives with no knickers on frolicked and gyrated erotically to the music as sex dwarves turned somersaults on the floor. Paris ’68 refugees grinned like idiot angels as Guardian newspaper journalists muttered in to their beer
glasses. Ragged punk rockers with yellow skin and red eyes rubbed shoulders with Class War agitators as care in the community patients masturbated furiously.

This was a Salvador Dali garden party, a scene from a madhouse, a Bosch painting come to life. Never mind Anarchy, this was Surrealism in the UK – for real. It was a pity the Queen Mother and the Pope hadn’t accepted their invitations as their presence would have put a final seal of dementia upon the occasion. As for the band: The Living Legends are a hilarious 16 legged beer beast that peddles “foul mouthed” pub rock shot through with a slight dose of “controversy”. Tory Funerals’ anyone?

They revel in being loud and brash in public, though they’re probably more like the Macc Lads grandparents than the Sex Pistols offspring. This gig being a birthday celebration of the vocalist saw them in all their glory. If you weren’t there then you missed the human equivalent of a fermenting sun turning supernova. The end of something old but the birth of something very new. Crawling, burping, gurgling evidence that life does indeed start at 50. The world will never be the same again.


Tory Funerals

Who's Next?
Who’s next?

TORY FUNERALS… To a jaunty beat!

There’s some occasions, some special events
You could say they were heaven sent
They engrave the stones with Roman numerals
My favourite ones… They’re Tory Funerals

Conservative Ministers or Tory MPs
There’s one sure way for them to please
They can call me a bastard, call me a red
In return… Just drop dead

Tory Funerals… Tory Funerals
I want more of Tory Funerals
Tory Funerals… Tory Funerals
I want more of Tory Funerals

The Speaker of the House of Commons – for it is he!
“It is my painful duty to have to inform the house that the Rt.Hon member for Finchley Mrs Margaret Thatcher has… dropped dead!”
(Cheers, laughter, party poppers, etc)

I couldn’t care less I couldn’t give a toss
At the sudden death of a factory boss
The ruling class are really hated
All I want… Is them cremated

Dig ‘em out the graves when they’re dead
Corpse don’t care if it’s kicked in the head
Rip ‘em apart, forget former glories
One good thing… More dead Tories
Tory Funerals…


Living Legends Recordings

Greatest Hits available from BBP Records

Island Wars features on Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-punk compilation vol. 4


Living Legends interview/photos/history

The day the country died: A history of anarcho-punk by Ian Glasper, Cherry Red Books


Better dead than wed

Better dead...
Download the single here


Old Swansea punk website:

Contains the only existing PAGE3 recordings of:  Holiday Homes/Clap Clap/One of the Boys.

Former Page 3 and Venom bass player Glenn Evans is putting together a top archive of stuff from the golden age of Swansea punk 1977-83 including Page 3 vocalist Ray Jones’ former band DYFATTY FLATS singing such classics as ‘Animal Walk’, ‘Trouble on the North Bank’, and ‘Trendy Wendy play a record for me’. Have a listen!


25 responses to “Living Legends

  1. groupie#2

    Whens that reunion gig happening then?

  2. ray jones

    mention the bindonvideo on this sight Ian. My oldman’s a dustman meets Blade Runner,if piers is tobe believed

  3. Louis Lingg

    Now that ITV are airing a docudrama based on life of Harry Roberts “He kills Coppers” can you publish the lyrics of the soccer chant-based Page 3 classic “Harry Roberts”?

  4. Pingback: Page 3 Legends Living on. « Bash The Rich Film

  5. Clement

    There’s some occasions, some special events
    You could say they were heaven sent
    They engrave the stones with Roman numerals
    My favourite ones… They’re Tory Funerals —- hey may i know there who played this song ? Thanks

  6. Carolyn

    Good to see the memories and the ideals of Doc live on! Wish he could be here to see it. Please keep details updated regarding the film.

  7. Martin

    Hi. I reading at moment “Bash the rich” and are very impressed and see paralells to the german anarchist movement in the 90ies. Well done Mr. Bone. Im now on page 101. Ok – i didnt understood all of the words, cause im no native-english speaker and have not the background of all this history stuff. But.To get the point. I searched on web for the lyrics of “Trendy leftie drop dead”. But didnt found nowhere…Are they published everywhere on a website? Or can u send me via email? Will be cool to show this fucking middleclass german left scene a cool song!
    Best wishes !

  8. Nic

    I had the Living Legends demo back in 1982, and was a great appreciator…
    (Am I right in thinking Dean Poole had a group called The Chromosomes who did a track called ‘Rot All Rulers’?)

    Regarding the lyrics to ‘Trendy Lefty Drop Dead’:
    one of the verses went
    “I know you’re in the Claimants Union,
    I know you’re in the CND,
    You’ve got the bread to talk revolution,
    Fuck off Lefty, you’re nothing to me”…



  10. Dr. Fucking Normal

    Yeah, I’ll second that….. c’mon, lets do it

  11. chris leek

    need to get in touch with ian bone. hope the first line up of living legends get a mention [swansea] in the film.i have some photo’s of us . me,whizzy,kev,caroline etc.

  12. T. Foreman

    Hi Ian, so when’s the film coming out (if it hasnt already been shelved that is)?

    Got anyone famous to play me yet…. 😉
    Hope Keith Allen’s free to play Bunner….

    All the Best, Trev

    That link above to the ancient Living Legends site doesnt work any more

  13. wal trottington

    no, CU was never “trendy” – tough slog and great people

  14. ludmilla

    Ah no, not youse as well, reliving the olden days, with your punk reunions.

  15. EDL Anarchist

    It’s nice to see that you’re still in contact, and collaborating, with Andy Martin.
    He’s a great guy and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.

  16. uben

    Lyrics for Island wars please?

    • jock

      yer where the film i want to play myself ,i always played with myself so there be no changed there hehe jock lol xxx

    • Verse 1:
      Our boys are out there fighting
      It makes a lovely show
      Pride fills our hearts as jingo
      spews from the box and radio

      The kids were out there fighting
      but they turned it to a show
      Pride in their hearts they learnt to throw
      with a passion that you’ll never know

      Island wars
      There on the box again
      Island Wars
      An aesthetic made of pain
      Island wars
      Ably stop us raising Cain
      Island Wars
      Waiting for the truth in vain

      Verse 2:
      The girls are out there fighting
      and it turned into a show
      Peace in their hearts they dance and sow
      but still the diggers grind below

      The show’s to stop us fighting
      to keep us lying low
      Stars in our eyes we’ll not need know
      the power behind the status quo

      (Chorus repeated)

      (Boff’s bass overdrive solo; amp gets a kicking)

      Verse 3:
      But even as we start to sort
      the false out from the true
      then power losing trust has sussed
      survival means you die or do

      The time will come the men in green
      will join the boys in blue
      and Britain’s sons will train their guns
      on the likes of me and you

      (Chorus repeated)

      Island wars
      soon be coming down your way
      Island wars
      this time the glamour’s stripped away
      Island wars
      and it won’t be no first of May
      Island Wars
      We’re all redundant anyway

      Lyrics Copyleft 1982 Roland Cleaver

      • ianbone

        cheers Roland – i’ll be sticking the fantabulous island wars up later ………..boy Dean’s drumming…..move over Moon

  17. Greg

    Just been clearing stuff out and found our demo tape dated 1993- Normal, Right to Work, Class You fear….brilliant keyboard player

  18. Outlaw

    Fucking Hell Roland, the last time I saw you was in the squat on Taff Embankment when me and Doc Whelan had hitched back from London after the Demo/Riot at Red Lion Square. Good to hear you are still alive and well…. Jimmy…

  19. moreli

    Scottish/ Cardiff Anarchist Alan Conchar (aka Doctor Conker) Dancer with Cardiff Punk/techno band Sicknote. Passed away on 12/11/2013

    Rave on!


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