Ian Bone versus Tories/New Labour:

Bash The Rich at Henley Regatta:

The Jonathan Ross Show:

1968 and All That – Conway Hall with Martin Wright:

Class War Conference 1985:

Bash The Rich Notting Hill:

Movement Against The Monarchy:

Down With Capitalism At London Stock Exchange:

Recession Song – Page 3

John Bindon – Page 3

Bunch Of C**ts – Page 3

Ian Bone on Smash The Monarchy:

Which Way To Revolution? Socialist Party and Ian Bone Discussion:


20 responses to “YOU TUBE

  1. Paice

    Scarey blighter aint ya. ‘Ave you got any footage from back when you was a long-haired hippy?

  2. ludmilla

    Ian would you have the lyrics to ‘Recession Song’ as i do like to sing when drunk, even though i’m tone deaf and can’t sing, i like a good sing-along, its a catchy tune with good lyrics that you could sing at a karaoke, although, for obvious reasons related to health and safety i don’t do karaoke, and it maybe rendered tuneless, but the lyrics should go down well.

  3. Gary Tarr

    I was born in Alton in 1951 and have lived a life supporting socialist principals , my father stood for Alton UDC in 1962 on the Labour ticket ( lost by 4 votes . However , watching your clips and interviews on U Tube and reading your various writings and protestations , I could never support your anarchist attitudes and calls for the end of the Monarchy plus the pathetic “bash the rich” attacks.
    You appear to me to be a pathetic and offensive little man who has made little or NO mark on politics with your “fuck the rich and powerful ” foul mouthed attacks . Fairly soon you will die and be completely forgotten .

    • TomC

      lost by 4 votes? bummer that!

    • jolly jack

      Thats the way mate, get it off your chest, you’ll feel better after it.

      I’m sure there’s many readers of this blog who are glad you could add to the discussion and debate. Thanks for the insight into your dads political career, he must have been something remarkable eh. Where can I get his autobiography from?

    • Anon.

      Ian Bone is simply a ridiculous figure, worthy only of ridicule. He claims to be making a political difference and waging “class war” by standing on a public road in Eton and getting laughed at, kicking peoples picnic baskets into the river and shouting that he shall “eat people’s strawberries.” I pity those to whom he is a hero.

  4. Dark Soldier

    First of all Gary, Ian is already a working class hero to many people, even within his own lifetime. But what makes you think he even cares if he’s remembered or not? To use that as an insult merely projects your own insecurities onto someone else. Yeah, he’s gonna die soon, but so are all of us because the planet is fucked, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    Just finished reading ‘Bash the Rich’ by the way. Very funny book with some really good insights into the radical scene of the 70’s and 80’s. Then after reading the chapter about the books he recommends and various historical figures/movements that influenced him, I suddenly realised that although this book might superficially appear to be a series of comedy recollections…it’s also actually a highly subversive DIY guide to starting your own revolutionary movement! Excellent stuff.

  5. Me

    This is an invaluable, extensive and comprehensive armoury. Cheers Ian.

    Mr Tarr what you posted is far more offensive than anything here. Hope when you die it’s painfully forgetful.

    The people taking care of you will be low payed & working class and may well have a lot of sympathy with what is here. Hell, they might have even participated.

  6. Edmund

    Thanks Mr Bone! I love the humour in many of these video clips and they invariably get me chuckling after a bad day at work. The debate with the SPGB is the best as they have a clear way out of the capitalist nightmare that is threatening to destroy the planet and keep most of the population under the heel of the capitalist class.

  7. kim

    Ian’s looking very appealing, and fit for 62year old, wow the class war lifestyle must be good for you.

    With the exception of John lyndon, they don’t make em like they use to, there’s something very attractive about fellas with class war brains.

  8. Mark P.

    Good to see the clip from my MA’M doc kicking around on Youtube. If I can work out how to do it, I’ll put the whole thing up. Best Wishes, Mark P.

  9. martin

    Hello Gary hope this rant isn’t to offensive for you” Fuck off you patronising self righteous little shit” yep i feel better now, hope your doing OK Ian

  10. Operationuppsala

    The discussion with the SPGB was really worth watching. A pity that the sound was so bad at the beginning. I was a bit annoyed that the elderly womans comment was completely ignored, but you rectified that at the end, so all is well. 🙂 When did this debate take place?

    • The Voice

      Yes, the SPGB debate is excellent. I’d have loved to have seen Ian Bone up against the late Harry Young of the SPGB. What a great orator he was!

  11. The Voice

    Many of these other videos are hilarious. I live in hope that Ian Bone will be invited on to Any Questions one week. I can just imagine Dimbleby sitting with his legs crossed trying not to crap himself with a loose canon up alongside.

    • Ned

      As far as loose canons are concerned, I think Lord Soper’s already accepted his invite to the great soapbox in the sky.

  12. foreignslave

    Sorry that mainstream politics don`t care.
    I did 4 years of laboring in Scotland and can say that Scots got very similar views on politics as Ian represents…and YES in UK less employer pays worse he treat the workers, agency laborers are treat so bad that if the jobs weren`t so tiring there would be riot every evening (greetings to Maryhill folks). I`m amused by opinion about Police entry level workers, possibly English Police is less sane.. in Scotland cops on the streets getting little more than NMW and work weekends, nights and all shitty shifts, however they supervisors sit in warm offices and tell them to be nice to common people.. Everybody is nice till get piss off.

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