OXFORD UNION NOVEMBER 5thOH MY ACHING SIDES – POSH FUCKER LORD ADONIS – OXFORD AND a succession of non-jobs in the cabinet has written a biography of ERNIE BEVIN – working on the Bristol docks at 11 UNION SLUGGER AND HARD NUT. Interviewed by Adam Boulton this morning Adonis bemoaned the lack of similar working class ‘types’ in the Labour Party now, ‘why do you think that is’ pushed Boulton – Adonis looking genuinely perplexed said it might be cos the upper echelons of the party were as dominated by Oxford as the Tories. Yes cried BOULTON jabbing finger – ‘thats you, that’s you an oxford man taking the place of a working class man’ Adonis still not getting it..’ Yes but we are just a few’ I was thinking about a long break from politics and concentrating on my Parkinsons which is becoming increasingly dominant…………………….But when I read crap like this from a toff I know I aint giving up politics just yet. So I have accepted the invitation from THE OXFORD UNION to speak there on November 5th and I invite as many of you as possible to join me.. I don’t mind at all if the only words I am remembered for are these. THE GREATEST THING ANYBODY COULD DO FOR EQUALITY IN THE UK WOULD BE TO BURN DOWN ETON AND OXFORD UNIVERSITY see yas there mutherfuckas

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