People often approach me and ask ‘Ian, how did your musical career begin?’  Honest guv. Well the truth can be told that it ws the inspiration of seing THE Q-TIPS  one night at Swansea university which led to the formation of PAGE 3 and then the LIVING LEGENDS. But enough of me………let’s hear it for what a fucking great live band THE Q-TIPS were. For those of you in darkness the Q-TIPS  were the band with Paul Young as vocalist before he got famous and with a fucking brilliant brass section. Particularly the choreography of the brass section was a joy to watch and I’ve been attempting to mime it at parties ever since. So yes I know they weren’t original or political but they were fucking great live. There’s a lot of their stuff on You Tube – have a look. I may even do my Q-TIPS mime at the bookfair…….that’ll pack ’em in!


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7 responses to “THE Q-TIPS

  1. Bewara

    Did they do “My Old Man’s a Dustman”then…?

  2. TomC

    Toast! a little bit of toast

  3. Liam

    The Q Tips did the horn section on SLF’s version of Love of The Common people. This was before Young himself covered it. And SLF’s reedition blows his away by a mile.

  4. Martin

    AAAAAhhhhhh 1978 I remember that toast song!!!!! punk as fuck hahahahaha

  5. Andy

    I was there – Somekind of Wonderful belting out from the Refectory!!!

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