I fucking love Swansea – despite a shit city centre, a godawful bus station, a plastic marina,and the corrugated iron on the Vetch Field North Bank slapping forlornly in the wind as it awaits its ‘redevelopment’opportunity. And as Gerald Murphy points out in his comment corruption and graft on the council are back biggger than anytime since the 1970s. So………….feel free all you Jacks to post up all those corruption details here -‘ALARM’ ONLINE!



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6 responses to “SWANSEA CORRUPTION

  1. brickburner

    whatever happened to Ron ‘Greasy Palms’ Rees?

  2. Louis Lingg

    As Alarm’s original “City Slicker – no Bullshitter”, but no longer resident in that “ugly, lovely town” I’d be delighted to see Alarm resurrected online.

  3. brickburner

    Alarm’s expose of Swansea Council’s bastardry over the Cwmrhydyceirw Goat still haunts me.

  4. ianbone

    The exact details escape me…..could you put full details here so that wider attention can be brought to this disgracefull mattter.

  5. hrh Sid the First

    didn’t Murphy or one of chums have the poor old goat shot?

  6. brickburner

    Late 1970s, council estate, Morriston, North Swansea. A patch of greensward..what’s left of the Common. The goat…..beloved of little ‘uns, well tethered, source of milk and manure…a local icon. An environmental vandal according to the Council who had it sacrificed for dog food.
    ….At the time they had the goat offed, the Council was also pulling the trigger on an entire community (the Sandfields) at the other end of Swansea to make way for the loathsome new County Hall.

    Alarm was the only local paper joining the dots…

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