I absolutely refuse to cheer on anyone called PIPPA – so that rules out all our equestrian toffs.I’ve yet to see anyone off the local estate pop out for a spot of ‘three day eventing’ or ten minutes of ‘dressage’. it’s especially galling to be told Pippa Chumleigh Ponsonboy-Smythe is the best  in the world when you know the average Mongolian horseman could knock spots off her for skill. And then theres the Bens and Toms of the yachting and sailing events fresh from Cowes week…………and how comes theres no Pippas or Bens in our weightlifting teams. I’ll stick with ur boxers – when did you ever see a posh boxer? ( NO EUBANKS PLEASE!) A few years back the BBC fiddled the Sports Personality of the Year vote by disalowing the winner of the viewers vote – an angler – a sport enjoyed by millions. Instead they gave it to ZARA PHILLIPS! I rest my case……TEAM GB – CLASS COLLABORATIONIST CRAP!


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12 responses to “OLYMPICS: ‘TEAM GB’ – NO THANKS

  1. Benjamin F

    Oi – there’s nowt necessarily posh about ‘Ben’…. Is there?? And wasn’t Ben Turner a top weightlifter? And wasn’t there some posh Scottish berk called Ian who was in the 2000 Olympics equastrian team….. ?

    (I’m off to my country estate to fume some more…)

  2. huw

    talking boxing, its a shame to see Billy Joe get knocked out by the Cuban Suarez. Billy Joe has been the only real character in the british team so far.

    My wife loves the swimming and tapes it, and the british swimmers and divers seem like a down to earth bunch on the whole – also, refreshingly, they dont really care about winning – they’re just happy to take part. a refreshing change from the US egomaniacs.

    Those archery women seemed pretty normal too…

    …we havent got to the running yet, but I know a few ex-athelets of carribean extraction, and its fair to say that running isnt a posh sport either.

    Here’s a question: why aren’t there any black swimmers?

  3. Soz

    Watching the British team in the Olympics is a depressing reminder of how the middle and upper classes dominate sport.

    It pisses me off to see Dressage (which is essentially Crufts for horses) included in the Olympics while Skateboarding remains ignored by the old fashioned crones that run the games. It’s far too modern, too urban and too young to be acknowledged by the wankers in charge. But I assure you, it’s far more exciting to watch than a horse trot backward and forward to raptuous applause from the hordes of horse-faced wankers in the crowd.

  4. Eric the Eel

    My fave was Samantha Albert representing Jamaica in the Equestrian, no she wasn’t black and her accent was as cut glass English as all the other competitors. Even the Australian competitors were ex pats.

    As for the question on black swimmers:
    Cullen jones (US) Broke the world record while winning gold in the relay team the other night with US wonderboy Michael Phelps.
    Maritza Correia (US) 2004 olympics.
    Anthony Ervin (US) gold medal winner 2000 olympics.
    Enith Brigitha (Holland) 2 bronzes 1976 olympics.

    Not a long list i know but all successful black swimmers nonetheless. So there are black swimmers.Why not many black swimmers would have been a better question rather than why not any. As for running not being a posh sport how did Sebastian Coe slip through the net then.

  5. Come on. Benjamin is definitely a posh lad’s name. 😉

  6. Ales

    Any chance of a “swimming is racist” campaign?

  7. a horse writes

    Daisy Dick must have got bullied at her public school

  8. Ella

    My mum used to do equestrian. She’s not British though (Australian.) People had hopes of me being an olympic swimmer before.


  9. Ales – You run the swimming is racist campaign, and I’ll run the sprinting is racist campaign.

    I’ll ask Alan Wells to be Honorary President.

  10. Ed Lomax

    Eric the Eel:

    you seem to complain that the person representing Jamaica wasn’t black. Well there are plenty of black people representing the UK, and that’s a good thing, so why can’t a white person represent Jamaica?
    I thought whinging lefties like you wanted equality, or is it just more opportunities to hate?

  11. kabanmikaniro

    Dear ianbone,

    Do you understand how stupid, hate filled and embarrassing you sound?

  12. To Soz, Sam is Jamaican, as am I. Our family were deported to Jamaica 9 generations ago. Sam’s mother (my Mum’s aunt) married Sam’s Canadian father. Sam was born in Canada, but moved to Jamaica for a while before moving back. Sam’s parents then broke up so Sam moved back to Jamaica. Sam competed in eventing before being talent spotted by an international judge who encouraged her to move as there is more oppotunity for eventers. Sam is Jamaican, so what if her skin complexion doesn’t match with your racist idealogy? She’s worked bloody hard to get where she is, put in more effort than any of you have in your lives. As for the dressage, i do agree with you up to a point, but without it, there would be no pentathlon, show jumping or eventing, as horses need dressage to balance themselves for jumping as well as to discipline themselves. Seriously, just get a life and maybe learn a little something of equestrian statistics before you decide to slag off my aunt.

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