The Blogger Guido Fawkes asked these questions of Guardian/Observer journalist Mark Townend two years ago ‘Is Mark Townsend a patsy, a liar or an idiot? Is he fit for purpose?’ This arose from Townsend’s habit of helpfully  treating unattributable government briefings as if they were the truth. Last Sunday he ran his police planted  eco-terrorism story but only a week previously he had written this:

Dozens of suspected terrorists have attempted to infiltrate Britain’s top laboratories in order to develop weapons of mass destruction, such as biological and nuclear devices, during the past year.

The security services, MI5 and MI6, have intercepted up to 100 potential terrorists posing as postgraduate students who they believe tried accessing laboratories to gain the materials and expertise needed to create chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, the government said.

This incredible piece of unattributable scare mongering from the security services is all the more astonishing  – ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AGAIN – given his colleague David Rose’s  slavish devotion to a similar line before the Iraq war. Townsend’s’the government said’ can only have come from the security services who called in their favours thefollowing week with the eco-terroism nonsense. I wont let the fuckers off the hook. It says on the Guardian website you can ask to interview MARK THE SPOOK by phoning Diane Heath on 02072399936. Go for it.

Picture of Mark Townsend

Mouthpiece of the security services, mentored by David Rose – more in the Observer Sunday.

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