The Daily Mail seems to have half their reporters ‘infiltrating’ the anarchists at Dale Farm. Today it’s Arthur Martin’s turn to blow the lid ion the ‘BLUE BLOC’ of elite anarchists…….you coulfdn’t make it up could hyou Arthur?

Lentil stew and hatred among the rag-tag anarchists

By ARTHUR MARTIN with protesters at Dale Farm

They claim it is a cause close to their hearts – one for which they have left their daily lives to chain themselves to the barricades at Dale Farm to put right a perceived injustice.

But after successfully infiltrating the anarchists at Europe’s largest illegal traveller site, a very different picture began to emerge.

During animated discussions with my fellow comrades over bowls of lentil stew by the camp fire, the plight of the 400 travellers who face eviction was rarely mentioned.

Waiting around: A group of young anarchists sit on tyres wearing their blue boiler suits to mark them out from ordinary protesters

The fiendish young anarchist Blue Bloc plot mayhem

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2038820/Dale-Farm-eviction-Travellers-glee-judge-halts-closure-illegal-site-11th-hour.html#ixzz1YSxpKZ3I


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  1. Anonymous

    “The anarchist operation is big. For weeks a dedicated kitchen team has been feeding a growing army three cooked meals a day”.

    The fiends!

  2. Eric Blair

    This is the same guy who “infiltrated” the Whitechapel Anarchist Group back around the G20 in 2009. He completley fabricated the entire account then so I’m guessing he did the same now?

  3. Keith

    Comrades, you can always rely on the H.t.B.S. to spew out the most utter rubbish about the evil lentil eaters & their subversion of the British beef industry. Anyway the crucial fashionista point is, is blue the new black for the sinister international anarchist conspiracy?

  4. butchersapron

    The girl quoted as saying she didn’t give a shit about the travelers says it’s a total fabrication. Odd that eh?

  5. Paul Cardan

    Whatever the Mail says it seems as if anarchist comrades have secured a victory at Dale Farm. As with the recent EDL protests, driving them out of Tower Hamlets, success at Dale Farm was achieved in cooperation with the UAF, the Trots, and more. At Dale Farm, anarchists were on the side of the Travellers, supported by Actresses, Bishops, Several MP,s, Banky Moon and the UN, Euro Bureaucrats, the BBC and their print outlet, the Guardian. Unity on the left is getting results. Let us keep up the good work alongside our comrades. Next week, support for a Palestinian state perhaps?

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    What a crock of shit, but perfect circle-jerk material for the Mail’s readers, anarchists, human rights activists, eurocrats and ‘gypos’- all that’s missing are some gay asylum seeking chavs…

  8. Tough Love

    Quite right – you’d have to be a naive idiot to believe that our tree-hugging anti-capitalist comrades would be assisting rich tax-dodging, enviroment polluting, countryside-defacing benefit scroungers rather than hard-working local residents. Does the Daily Mail think we’re stupid?

    An Eton Traveller site a good idea thou – at least their top of the range cars bought from ill-gotten gains will not look out of place in the parent’s car park.

    • Internet Hat Machine

      Have you ever been to Wickford or other parts of rural Essex? They’re posh as fuck. It’s not full of “hard working local residents” it’s full of snooty rich cunts (and Ryan Cleary lol).

  9. Keith

    I saw Kelvin Mckenzie on daytime telly yesterday opposing a rather strong Romany lady over Dale Farm; he was spewing the most fucking vile ignorant filth. If he wasn’t so toxic, I’d suggest adding his cadaver to the lentil stew for that much needed vitamin B12.

    • She totally wiped the floor with him, it was great to watch (he still hasn’t paid for the lies he wrote in The Sun about Hillsborough). Her name is Violet Cannon and she’s a total legend. What’s more she was born in Bradford, lives in Castleford and works in my hometown of Donny – yet another plus for Yorkshire! 😉

  10. Paul Cardan

    More lies from the capitalist press about the Travellers. CIA agents posing as Irish Travellers.

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