Very sad. The one decent trade union leader we had. Not many working class heroes left. Memory of him dancing for joy like a kiddie on the Tolpuddle march a few years back……..happy to be marching with his class. RIP.


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14 responses to “BOB CROW DIES AT 52

  1. TC

    This is awful news. Bob was a stalwart champion of working class people. A solid Millwall man too. 52 is too young to die. A terrible loss, I’m crying.


    Yeah, RIP, for all the ideological differences and perhaps faults, he truly put the wind up the ruling classes. Sorry to say, ‘they don’t make ’em like that anymore’.

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    Bob Crow. RIP comrade

  4. Sad news, far too young to die. RIP Ben Crow.

  5. Millwall eh? Oh well no one is perfect but Bob Crow got close.

  6. Maria Spiridonova

    Sad news. RIP Bob.

  7. harry the hat

    nobody likes us we dont care.milwall chant.bob crow was his own man.a sad day. R I P bob

  8. Aidan

    A real class warrior, with brains as well as guts. He’ll be a hard act to follow. Any union is more than any one man or woman though. The right wing press like to make out it’s all about individuals. Bollocks. The RMT is a strong, militant union and I’m sure it will remain so. RIP Bob. A lot of people loved you. We won’t forget you.

  9. Dora Kaplan

    A terrible loss for his family, members of the RMT, and working people. He was also a good friend to many Irish workers. There aren’t many left like him. A ‘youngster’ by today’s standards, and about the only real trade union leader we’ve got.

  10. ldev

    The RMT holds shares currently worth £365,000 in HSBC; £131,000 in Barclays; £606,000 in Lloyds TSB Group; and £43,000 in RBS, the former employer of Fred ‘the shred’ Goodwin.
    The union has invested in a range of City investment funds, including Blackrock (£105,000), Kames Capital (£202,000) and Threadneedle Investments (£79,000).
    It also has large holdings in BP and Shell, the oil companies; Glaxosmithkline and Astrazeneca, the pharmaceutical giants; and £485,000 of shares in Vodafone, which has been dogged by allegations of tax avoidance.
    The RMT also holds £425,000 of shares in British American Tobacco, the cigarette maker; £230,000 of shares in Diageo, the world’s biggest spirits manufacturer; and £166,000 in Rolls Royce, which builds engines used in military aircraft. Many groups do not invest in so-called ‘sin-stocks’ which include alcohol, tobacco and arms for ethical reasons.
    Other shareholdings include a £151,000 investment Scottish & Southern, the energy firm which was this year fined £10.5m by Ofgem for “prolonged and extensive” mis-selling to customers.
    It also holds shares valued at £281,000 in Centrica, the owner of British gas. It was accused of ‘gouging’ families by recording double-digit profit increases in 2012 to £2.74bn, after hiking bills by 6 per cent. Dividends to shareholders increased 6 per cent.
    The RMT is not the only union to invest in the stock market. Unite, Britain’s biggest union and a major donor to the Labour party, holds £33.4m of shares, generating dividends last year of just over £1m. It does not declare which companies it invests in.

  11. Organic ap Grinder


    A decent guy in an age of neverending bullshitters and career chancers, left to right, avoiding THE issue….Class.

    All that is solid melts into air. RIP.

  12. Sam

    Top bloke even if he was Millwall!! Never get another one like him. Working class hero. True champion of workers wages.

  13. TC

    Don’t knock the Millwall you bunch of chancers.

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