Interesting review by David Runciman in the Guardian. Odd for many would be Brand revolutionaries will be the paen of praise for James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party(UKIP but worse) – in reality a disgusting semi-bonkers right winger who’s granddaughter the filthy rich JEMIMA KHAN seems to have had a huge influence over Brand even before he cut out loads of stuff about her after they split up.

Brand is no doubt going to run as London mayor in 2016 and that’ll add greatly to the fun factor in politics but he’ll have to square that with telling people not to vote now. In the meantime he’ll exert a Felix Dennis like appeal to ‘activist’ groups in terms of possible money donations and the oxygen of publicity a Brand visit might bring your group. In the meantime I’ll give the 200 cinema OWEN and RUSSELL lovefest a miss on the 23rd….maybe ZAC will show up.



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  1. Landless Peasant


  2. give him some credit

    You’re confusing him with Eddie Izzard. Brand isn’t going to run for mayor, or any other political job.
    He may be all ego but some of what he says is worrying certain people. Look at all the oxbridge educated journalists queueing up to slag off his lack of education etc. Look at the terrified John Lydon rushing to defend the current system once he realised Brand’s book will easily outsell his crap effort. Look at the shit scared establishment court jesters like Robert Webb, Al Murray and Eddie Izzard who have all slagged his views off at various times.
    As far as I’m concerned, Brand can carry on irritating these idiots for as long as he likes. He’s got an audience that are hearing progressive ideas for the first time, he gets invited onto chat shows, here and America, where he rants about these ideas to millions of ordinary people that aren’t hearing these ideas anywhere else.
    His youtube ‘Trews’ channel has over 500,000 subscribers, while BBC News has 250,000, Sky News has 55,000, and Fox News has 95,000.
    Beyond all the ego, beyond who his girlfriends are/were, he’s doing something right in my book.

    • Roger

      Agree, thought provoking, status quo challenging, and always interesting. Hes not the messiah, but definitely a breath of fresh air.

  3. b

    Jemima is James Goldsmith’s daughter, not his granddaughter.

    (She may look young to you, Ian! 🙂 )

    She once embarrassed Alan Rusbridger, who had to bow and scrape publicly to apologise for what she’d said in a Guardian op-ed about Hollywood. So to be fair, at least she’s done one good thing in her life.

    Imran Khan is (was?) a big player in Pakistan.

    As for Brand, nobody who’s that heavily promoted is going to be a real danger to the boss class or any of its favourite apple-carts.

    Runciman doesn’t say Brand’s book contains a paean of praise to Goldsmith’s Referendum Party. He says it praises Goldsmith himself, who was a “convert at the end of his life to environmentalism”. That quote is from Runciman’s review, not the book, so I don’t know whether Brand actually says that. Runciman is Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, and in line for his father’s viscountcy, so I don’t imagine he makes much effort when he’s reviewing books like this in the newspapers. Imagine saying cool it with the criticism of hypocrisy – what an arsehole! But it’s worth mentioning that Goldsmith (of the John Aspinall and Lord Lucan set) had a brother Edward who had bankrolled Green Bullshit for decades.

    The 2016 London mayoral election seems set to be an absolute corker. I wonder whether any bookies are offering prices for turnout yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if turnout doubles from the 2012 figure of 38%. No shit. Remember Scotland.

  4. gas police

    There’s a connection between Brand – Goldsmith – Referendum Party – Roger Hayes – British Constitution Group – Free Man on The Land – Laurence Easeman

    • six degrees

      You can connect all sorts of people. Connections mean nothing at all. Look at these connections – Laurence Easeman, Margi Clarke’s son, she who had a long relationship with Jamie Reid, he who worked with Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols. From the 1960s until today, practically anyone on the left could be traced back to Easeman just on who is parent and step parent were and all the lefties they knew and mixed with.

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