Just got news from Richard Jones of Tangent Books that Hartmann is already back from the printers – Whooppee! – and can be bought online from Tangent already! Should have some copies in London by end of the week



Hartmann the Anarchist was originally published in 1892 when Edward Douglas Fawcett was 16 years old and has been out of print for more than 100 years. Rudolph Hartmann is one of the most fiendish villains in literary history, raining pitiless death and destruction from the skies on Parliament, St Pauls and the City. Just 20 years later, Fawcett’s apocalyptic vision came true when German zeppelins bombed London. Central to the plot i the division between socialists and anarchists, reformers and revolutionaries – are the working class active participants in their own liberation or do they seek salvation through charismatic leaders?Although Hartmann shows litle faith in the ‘swinish multitude’s’ ability to liberate themselves, he produces a devastating and surprisingly contemporary critique on consumerism and globalisation. Fawcett was writing against the background of ‘Propaganda by the deed’ when anarchists throughout Europe were hellbent on a wave of assassinations and bombings. In Rudolph Hartmann he has created a man who has harnessed the power of science – in the dastardly form of his airship The Attila – to multiply the destructive capacity of such revolutionaries a hundredfold. Keep watching the skies, comrades!

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  1. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade

    What we really need is a flotilla of ‘Attila’!!!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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