Huge banner advertising Martin Parr exhibition and lifted straight out of Class War! Spotted by Tom Culen

IMG_7434-1-1.jpg picture by sidstreet


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  1. TomC

    Thats a Martin Parr art work, I’d ask him for a percentage if it gets sold!

  2. I will let the Durham NUM know about this.

    Also some events coming up in Durham; Sat October 10th and the International Brigade at the Miners HQ in Redhill;

    Then Durham central library Nov 21st;

    • TomC

      There’s a whole pile of Miners and Miners Strike memorabillia that the artist collected poster and plates as well as a whole pile of other stuff

      Think it will be well worth a look

  3. seth

    i find this depressing….

  4. Trev

    I have a pretty big collection of stuff from the strike, I had only been working at Easington for 6 months when the strike was called. Its the 25th aniversary but only seems like yesterday.
    Looking forward to seeing the stuff at the Baltic gallery but who would have thougth our mugs and posters even copies of class war would end up in an art gallery!

    Seth “i find this depressing….” I you were a minor may be you would see the irony in this.

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