Frightened: Prince Charles and Camilla show their fear inside the car as it is attacked by the mob


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19 responses to “GOTCHA!


    No Comment right now as I’m wetting myself with laughter

  2. Docks Soul


    Good to see they had a sense of history.
    Viva la revolution!

  3. In that photo it looks like she was caught offing HIS head 😉

  4. yes

    According to the Evening Standard (owned by billionaire Alexander Lebedev), as reported by Bloomberg (company set up by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York), Camilla Parker-Bowles was poked with a stick through the window of the Rolls. Yeah! 🙂

    I hope our boy hasn’t kept the stick to throw for his dog – his dog might catch something!

    Evening Standard article
    Bloomberg article

    Charles Windsor looks terrified</b in a few frames of this videoclip (mainly of an AP photog showing off – shame he didn’t have his camera taken off him and smashed). The good frames are at about 20-22 seconds Excellent!

  5. yes

    Oops. The videoclip showing terrified fuck-face is here

  6. Donna

    Ha Ha
    Caught between a rock & a big stick.
    This year’s Royal Variety Performance was more exciting than usual…

  7. banana yes

    Part of the reason why fuckface and his duchess were there at all must be because fuckface ‘knew better’ than his SAS and SBS-trained security guys how to assess the security position! Ha! As if the SAS and SBS personal protection guys don’t know that city streets can be fucking dangerous – of course they do.

    One of the rags – I can’t be arsed to find out which, maybe the Daily Mail – implied that it’s not quite ‘grab your money and rush to the airport’ time for the rich because the radicals who attacked the royal car were only shouting things that were anti-Tory, not anti-royal. Duh! As if those who call the British royals the Tory scum that they are, are really wanting to ‘Scandinavianise’ the monarchy.

    What would be really nice would be a big financial scandal involving the royal scum… Maybe with the Duke of York and Kazakhstan that’s what we’re going to get. See also the royal scum’s friendship with Russian-Jewish mafia boss Boris Berezovsky. Something tells me we might hear more of that one… More so, anyway, than in the 1930s when the Duke of Windsor palled up with Meyer Lansky, and in the 1960s when the royal scum palled up with Lansky (and his NY mafia mates) again in London at the Colony Club.

  8. Ed

    I thought the comments from the Met Chief were a bit rich saying the police were marvellous not to shoot the protestors or words to that effect! Perhaps they can now make some cut backs in the royal budget starting with the car, the escort, the clothes, the house and finally the whole institution of monarchy.

  9. Dora Kaplan

    Ian, can we have a caption contest please ?
    Here’s a quick one:
    Charles to Camilla: “We’re fucked. You pretend to be an inflatable fuck doll while I look for Harry’s Nazi outfit.”

  10. Keir

    We should condemn the attack on their car. It was really dangerous. I mean if Camilla gets startled she might rear up and trample the people who are standing near by.

  11. Turpin

    Camilla has that famous blow up doll face!

  12. too many ill-informed people like the royals. Nobody likes the people who started all this…the financial services industry. The Protests should be in the square mile. has everyone forgot who started this. imagine if these protesters took over the trading floors of the biggest institutions. theoretically a few thousand people could shut the city down in a day. scary

  13. Mrs Thatcher

    Can’t wait for the royal wedding.

  14. Anonymous

    You should be had up for treason you twat

  15. Mr. Jolly

    ‎”It now appears Camilla, wife of Prince Charles was poked in the head with a stick, through an open window…”

  16. Famous Seamus

    I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole

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