Working class heroes every one – especially those who smashed their way in to the Royal Bank of Scotland. The anarchist movement stands stronger today than we might dared have hope……….and now we have factory occupations in Belfast, Basildon and Enfield…..and the battle of Strasbourg to come. SEIZE THE TIME COMRADES.


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8 responses to “WE TOOK THE CITY

  1. Any news on the guy who died, or the 4 people reported to have been arrested the day before (ie Tuesday 31st)?

    Play safe, people, and look after each other!

  2. We did what we said we would,


    but the death of a comrade overshadows our achievements – Police kettle tactics have killed someone, we must unleash the rage!

  3. In response to the death of a protestor during the demonstrations against the G20 in the City of London on the 1st April 2009, a solidarity demonstration will assemble at Bank at 1pm.

    The aim of the assembly is to:

    * mark the death of the protestor,
    * call for an independent police inquiry
    * show solidarity against the enormous police repression that happened against protestors outside the Bank, the Climate Exchange and elsewhere in the City of London.

    Any witnesses to this event or any other act of police violence against demonstrators is advised to write a full statement as soon as they possibly can, sign and date it, and give a copy it to a trusted other party. These statements should be given to Bindmans Solicitors (contactable on 020 7833 4433) and the Legal Monitoring groups present at the demonstrations. Information can also be sent to Indymedia London:

  4. Mayday

    Perhaps somebody should have got one of these, like these guys here?

  5. Pank

    Any body fancy visiting the occupied factories for some solidarity? Deliviries of food and beer will go down well

  6. There is a very clear video of the police violently wading into the hippies at the climate camp on Bishopsgate up on IndyMedia.

    Whatever you or I might think of the politics of the climate camp, or indeed of fundamentalist non-violence, the video lays bare the function of the police force in all its naked, violent, powermonger-protecting glory.

    And the individuals who choose to join the police, who then – day by day, situation by situation – choose to carry out orders which include, as here, acting as an anonymous, homogenous bloc of brute force, beating, bloodying, slavering over peaceniks who don’t even defend themselves despite the shields and the batons, well… I think we all know what sort of people they are. I think we all know how big and brave they are when they face anything resembling a fair fight.

    Anyway, the video. I’ve reuploaded it to YouTube so it can hopefully get more widely seen:

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