Adrian Tudway the head of the police’s Domestic extremism force has said the police will not have the resources to deal with activists seeking to disrupt badger culls. He fears widespread threst to public safety:

“Any option that includes farmers and landowners culling badgers with firearms has potential to place armed farm workers in the near vicinity of protesters and activists, typically during the night-time,” Det Ch Supt Tudway warned. “We regard this as a scenario with clear potential for harm to public safety. We see particular challenges where farm workers with little or no experience of trapping badgers in order to shoot them (while still caged) are attempting to do so under the gaze of activists.”

My experience from Avon is that the police often allocate vast numbers of coppers for days to hang around waiting for the appearance of saboteurs in remote villages. Steve pilkington the  Avon chief constable sent 400 – FOUR HUNDRED –  cops out in OPERATION GASBADGER before local howls of derision sent them packing. This is clearly a fight which the  BROCK ARMY and their human allies can win and bankrupt the cops in the process.


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  1. Barbara Nash ak Roberts

    Culling seems to be ecologically insane.

  2. Anonymous

    well the scientific jury is definitely out on this one, but there is a definite Bovine TB resevoir in the badger population.
    Here’s a torygraph (i know, i know, but it was the first one i found which had david king’s thoughts on it), with Sir David King (the then scientific advisor) advising culling…there is of course dissent on both sides as is usual on any emotive issue with incomplete evidence!


  3. Buttercup

    Cows also carry a contagious & resistant class of MRSA which is believed to have developed as a consequence of repeated use of antibiotics to treat mastitis in herds caused by them being kept in a perpetual condition of pregnancy to maximise milk yield complete with carcinogenic hormones.

    Cattle MRSA is believed to be killed by the pasteurisation process but the problem is, to increase profit margins, milk is only heated to 75C instead of the 100c which is required to ensure all bacteria in it is killed. Maybe it’s time cull the landed aristocracy who intensively farm cattle instead of culling badgers which I strenuously oppose.


    If you notice, the rich don’t eat this sh*it themselves. It’s all organic & biodynamic grub for them. This intensively farmed crap is specifically intended for us lot…the 99%.

  4. Geoff

    Why don’t these ‘ farmers ‘ examine their own factory-farming methods, and the consequent illness-inducing stress caused to their cattle, rather than trying to pin it on the badgers.
    Fucking hell, i’m sounding far too reasonable – fucking go vegan for animal liberation!


    Police can’t cope, full stop.-
    ‘Peter Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “If judges are going to say you can swear at police then everyone is going to start doing it. ‘


  6. Have-gun-will-travel

    Damn – I was hoping to supplement my meagre pension by contacting as a sharpshooter of badgers for a month – now it’ll mean having to put up with a bunch of moaning bunny-hugging lefties scaring the poor rabbit-slaughtering Brocks away. Does no one on the left care about the real countryside (as opposed to the utopian dream of townies) anymore?

    • Revolting Peasant

      Assuming this isn’t trolling.

      Yours is a particular version of the ‘real countryside’, which is white. male, straight and knows its place. Those of us who’ve had to put up with the likes of you pretending that you represent everyone in rural communities for years know exactly what you stand for, cruelty, feudalism, isolationism and intolerance.

      Get back to the C19th where you belong.

    • Climate Action

      I hope that by “bunny hugging” you don’t think we can’t kick your arse?

  7. Climate Action

    Brother, who are you shooting? It’s the aristocracy that are fucking up the countryside. The Duke of Northumberland has prevented the people of new estates near Prudhoe from getting cable. He has granted planning permission in Prudhoe to Morrisons, against the wish of the locals. The bastard zombie is married into the Morrisons family. I hope that by “bunny hugging” you don’t think that we can’t kick your arse?

  8. Ed

    Haha, just laft at the prudhoe coment, i used to see a lass from ovingham, and walking in witle dean woods one day seen signs (on duke of northumberlands “side”) saying private property no trespas ect, needless to say they al went missing

  9. Ed

    Also is there any/many cull sites in the north east, if so where?

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