A mere snapshot of a section of the huge crowd  listening to my talk at the Hydra on saturday. Standing in the street honest guv.
To Bristol to do my talk on ‘1919: year of revolution’ at the opening of the Hydra bookshop. Greeted by Roger – no sleep for 36 hours – at temple Meads – no electricity, no plumbing, woodwork being done as he spoke!  But then – quicker than you can say Peter Linebaugh – all was perfect . Lemon Drizzle cake – seats outside – THEN THERE WAS LIGHT! A magnificent effort by all the volunteer work to get the place open and running within four weeks.’They said it couldn’t be done’ – but it was done. A special mention to Lee Groves the only man to plaster  plumb straight. To the Stag and Hounds for a swift half and then returning up Old market a vast throng outside the shop and a talk delivered  in a room packed to the very gills. It was a mixed crowd so not sure how enthused everyone was by a 60 minute discourse on Simon Radowitzgy and the Czech Legion and Maria Spiridonova – but it was so packed no one could leave!!!   Seriously well done all and visit Hydra at 34 old market if you are in Bristol.
Cheers to Dru for the above photo and write up on her blog:


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10 responses to “ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY HYDRA

  1. butchersapron

    Mr Jones looks like he’s off in he land of nod there


    Nothing like a captive audience, eh Ian?
    Since you seem to have more than a passing interest in the romantically reactionary Czech Legion, I wondered if you’d ever heard of this cannibalistic, aristo-nutjob: Baron Roman Feodorovich von Ungern-Sternberg (Aka- the “God of War”, “The Bloody Baron”, “Great Star Mountain”) ?

    Granted he’s something of a footnote in the Russian Civil War, but the foot was probably provided by one of his enslaved mongolian victims after he’d eaten the rest of them…

    ‘Interpreting the Buddhist scriptures in his own manner, he believed that in the act of killing the weak he upgraded their position in the universe and they would be reborn as greater beings.’


    Been there today to drop off posters for Wednesday. Wasn’t open (don’t do Mondays) but looks good, expect regular visits and purchasess from me on Giro day.

    Welcome replacement to the sadly demised Greenleaf bookshop on Colston Avenue where I would enjoy nothing better that buying a copy of Freedom and/or Class War and sit in the sadly demised Brewery Tap arguing with anyone who was unlucky enough to catch my eye on my Saturday off from work.

    There was one lone dedicated, helpful sparky toiling away though; sending us a link if you’ve not already got it…

  4. a non

    Fast-forward from 1919 to 2011 and listen to THE voice of the white working class…


    The Working-Class mate.

    White’s got nothing to do with it.

  6. martin

    whos the dodgey lookin geezer at the front????

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